Folding electric scooter the size of a laptop


The Folding electric scooter Arma Scooter It is designed to be the most compact and lightest solution ever seen, thanks to a special flexible origami-like structure that minimizes bulk when not in use. It really works when folded they take up the same space as a laptopto easily fit into small backpacks or, thanks to the practical handle, to carry it as a briefcase, thanks to the reduced weight of only 4.5 kg.

The idea of ​​the manufacturers, the Japanese company Shimizu, is to focus on commuters who have to finish the infamous last km between the last public transport stop and your workplace. Something similar to the Dynamic Scooter Model B we reviewed a few weeks ago, but much smaller in size and weight and with a less unusual design than the Honda wheelie. Once compacted, the width and length of the Arma Scooter is comparable to the width and length of an A4 sheet of paper, taking only a few seconds to open, making it immediately operational. The data speaks for one thing maximum speed 24 km/h thanks to the pull of the 250 W aa motorautonomy 15 km rely on a small battery that can be fully charged in two hours via USB Type-C. The battery is also easily removable from its location, so you can charge it without having to leave it inside the scooter. The wheels are solid and, despite the ultra-light construction of 4.5 kg, it can accommodate users weighing up to 100 kg.

It is possible to fund the project and get the folding electric scooter Arma Scooter on Kickstarter at a special price 980 euros (30% discount from the list price of around 1400 euros) with expected deliveries from next July. There is also the option to order a battery with the same capacity as the standard one, at a price of 190 euros.


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