Forecasts, here is where it will rain over the next few days and what the weather will be like in Italy this weekend


Rain and snow in the southern mountains until Friday, then the pressure will increase over the weekend and on Sunday we will again see fog, mist and low clouds thanks to the temperature inversion (photo by Marco Virgilio)
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Again, completely inappropriate hyperbole was read and heard about the cold that hit Italy in recent days. Irritated tones expressed always and in no way help good information. We predicted the arrival of cold currents and they arrived, ordinary winter stretches and nothing more. Hearing about the “big cold” is really too much, what lexical excesses will we draw from if a serious cold does arrive before the end of winter?

Short-term evolution

Real winter is currently affecting Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. A step below we find the sector between the Bay of Biscay, the far west of France and Spain, and the neighboring Balkans. Italy is more affected by cold air masses, which will tend to retreat further east in the coming days.

A trough with lows near the Sardinian Strait will disrupt atmospheric conditions on the large islands, parts of the south and along the mid-south ridges of the Apennines and mountains with associated rain and snow until Friday.

African high pressure at the weekend with maxima between Morocco and Algeria, it moves its influence further east and will also affect the Italian seas, favoring dense fog, fog and low clouds flooding in some areas of the country from Sunday due to the expected temperature inversions.

Rain and snow until Friday: that’s the place

A depression moving from the Sardinia Strait to the Aegean Sea will be favorable Thursday unstable weather in Sardinia, Sicily, Ionian region and more marginally in other central-southern regions with associated scattered precipitation. Snow can fall on the Sardinian mountains around 1000 meters, above 1400 meters in Sicily, sporadic at hilly altitudes or absent in the Apennines between Marche and Basilicata. Sun in the north with patchy clouds over Emilia Romagna and further south in Tuscany.

Good weather on Friday for the central-north and rapid improvement also in Sardinia already in the morning. The weather will remain uncertain over Sicily with many clouds associated with scattered rain and snow on the mountains above 1400 meters above sea level. Residual precipitation in Calabria, but with a tendency to improve, variable in the rest of the south with increasingly wide glades.

Saturday sunny or almost for all

Stable northerly currents associated with an anticyclonic field expanding from the western Mediterranean will be favorable conditions favorable weather prevailing in all regions although in the morning there may still be partial clouds in the south but with a tendency to improve during the day.

Possible night fogs in the valley of Po where thermometers can drop a few degrees below zero. Cold nights also in the alpine valleys and in the central valleys.

Steady Sunday, but with temperature inversions

Sunday thermal inversion trigger will feel more due to the persistence of cold air in the lower layers and the increase in temperatures at altitude. The weather will therefore be generally stable, the sunniest in the areas of the central-southern Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. Variability for moderately high clouds over other areas e gradual strengthening of mists, fogs and low clouds over the Po plain and the mid-south side of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Is not excluded light rain or drizzle in eastern Liguria, upper Tuscany, Lazio and Campania. Night frosts in the Po Valley and in the central valleys, maximum values ​​increase in the central south.

Trend: new cold air then moderate high pressure?

Current analyzes favor the following scenario: temporary greater impact on Italy a widespread depression with a minimum on Scandinavia capable of transmission new cold masses towards our north which, however, will remain protected from wetter currents. Clouds and rain instead, they will be able to reach the mid-south between Monday and Tuesday.

According to the European ECMWF model, a possible anticyclonic recovery with the arrival of a salient characterized by mild air from the middle of the 17th. Therefore, at low altitudes, no ice flows or snow can be seen for a while, maybe we will talk about this later. However, this situation will need to be verified with future updates.


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