frequent rain, snow, strong winds and falling temperatures. How will the weekend be?


A large area of ​​depression maintains unstable conditions with frequent rain, sometimes strong winds and falling temperatures. Cool and sunny at the weekend. Detail

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Weather conditions in Italy during these hours are conditioned by the location of a disturbance, associated with a low pressure area fed by marine polar extraction air, and therefore there is a risk of a drop in temperatures due to the influx of cold air from northern Europe, which will mainly affect northern Italy.

Satellite image
Low pressure over Italy, lots of clouds and occasional rain

In this sky monday 8 it is often cloudy, satellite images show extensive cloud cover with a few bright spots from north to south, and radar sees scattered rain over the northwest, central lower Adriatic between Abruzzo and Molise, Sardinia and the Apennine chain, where precipitation falls around 1000 meters.

In the afternoon, rain and snow will spread to the rest of the southern areas.

Often a rainy week

The situation will develop slowly, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the weekend to get back to prevailing sunshine almost everywhere. Meanwhile, rain, snow and sometimes strong wind they will still be a feature of the weather on our peninsula.

Tomorrow in more detail, Tuesday the 9thwe expect a little more sun in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and the northeast, still a lot of clouds and scattered rain in the northwest, center and south between central Puglia, central-northern Ionian Calabria, central-western Tyrrhenian Sicily and western Sardinia, including some thunderstorms.

Snow reappears also in the central western Alps, at relatively low altitudes, around 300/500 meters.

Although subdued, it is still worth noting strong to gale-force winds from the western quadrants in the southern sectors of Sardinia and Sicily, strong in the rest of the two islands and in Calabria; strong northeasterly in the Adriatic sectors, with local gusts of storms in the northern Apennine areas, Tuscany, Upper Lazio, upper Adriatic, coastal sectors and inland and mountainous sectors of Molise and Puglia and the Ionian sectors of Basilicata and Calabria and in the south of Puglia. Sea generally very rough.

Wednesday 10 in the evening a renewed disturbed impulse sees a new intensification of rain in Sardinia, Sicily and the central-southern areas between the middle and lower Tyrrhenian Sea, with further snow in the Apennines from 800 meters above, which will affect the day Thursday 11 also on the Adriatic side. In the meantime, however, the sun will rise again across northern Italy and Tuscany.

A general improvement is expected between Friday 12th and Saturday 13thit could be a weekend of good weather for much of the peninsula, with the possible exception of the southern ends. It is related to higher winter temperatures than we have been used to in recent weeks.

Temperatures are falling towards averages for the period

Maximum temperatures have been dropping slightly since the weekend due to cloud cover and today we still expect values ​​of between 8 and 10°C in the Po Valley, between 10 and 13°C on the central plains and coasts and up to 14/15°C on the plains and coast of the south and on the islands.

from tomorrow On Tuesday, February 9, daytime temperatures will struggle above 8°C in the north, 12°C in the central areas of Sardinia and partly also in the southern areas, there will be no special fluctuations at the southern ends between the Ionian coast and Sicily.

A drop in minimum temperatures is also expected, especially in northern Italy with return of night frosts: on the night between Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th, 0°C is generally expected in the Po Valley and inland areas of the centre, but the nighttime cold between Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th will be particularly bitter in the north. negative values ​​up to -6 °C.

In the central and southern plains they settle between 4 and 8 °C, locally up to 10 °C along the coast.

During the week, both maximum and minimum temperatures will stay around these values, returning to averages for the period.


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