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Good manners always count, they play an important role in gifts at Christmas. The Italian Academy of Etiquette suggests how to arrive with the perfect package. Here are nine top tips for education.
1) Never forget your ticket. Sometimes it will be more welcome than the gift itself
A personal phrase, a sincere thought, something that makes the person receiving the gift feel unique: there is nothing better than a dedication designed to make the gift even more appreciated.
2) A book is always a good solution, but give something you’ve already read that might be meaningful to the recipient.
A good book is always a welcome gift, but choosing it by its cover is strictly prohibited. To avoid typos and not to make a bad impression, it is best to choose something you know, something you may have loved.
3) Giving plants as gifts, yes, but only if you have seen at least one in the home of the person who should receive them
Plants are beautiful, they decorate, they are a heartfelt gift, rich in meaning. In short, a nice idea if the recipient knows how to appreciate and take care of them
4) You are on the safe side with food: local yes, exotic no
A good oil, a particular jam, a bottle of wine: it’s hard to go wrong when you put something on the table. Just one piece of advice: don’t worry about the performance, often a typical product bought a few steps away from home has nothing to envy to something more international.
5) Superfluities yes, but only in gifts. Forget the “useful gift”
It’s not an invitation to consumerism, but Christmas is an opportunity to step out of the ordinary. In short, no one doubts that socks are always useful, but they certainly don’t warm the heart under the tree.
6) We said useless, not ugly: pay attention to the furniture
You can never be sure: ornaments, even if superfluous, do not constitute what we might define as a “good gift”, general rule: use sparingly with anything that is destined to collect dust or of questionable taste, especially if they are large, like e.g. nutcracker fig.
7) If you’re not looking the gift horse in the mouth, keep your mouth shut: details of your gift purchase are prohibited
It is strictly forbidden to spice up the moment of exchange with unnecessary chatter, which is only intended to show how valuable, refined and expensive your gift is.
8) “Home made” yes, but be careful: a dose of self-criticism won’t hurt
Unless you have exceptional qualities, recognized, for which you are known, e.g. for liqueurs (nocino, limoncello, amaro), “handmade” over 8 years is not recommended. A high degree of self-criticism is required
9) Also pay attention to the package: it is part of the gift
No to obvious designer labels and anonymous bags. The same rule applies to packaging as to wishes: beautiful paper, a well-crafted bow will make the recipient feel even more special.

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