Google is calling the shots, but is it really AI’s fault?


AGI – Google announced the release hundreds of employees across several business areas, a sign of further cost-cutting at the search giant as it continues to grapple with pandemic-era trends.

According to some observers, many jobs, especially in the advertising sales unit (Fitbit co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman were also affected), are redundant as Google introduced new Tools based on artificial intelligence able to design a create automatically new ads that work well for customers and require little attention from employees.

The cuts did affect employees in some divisions, including those working on the program Google Assistant, to internal hardware and software tools. But without a specific denial, a Google spokesperson called for the initiative to be considered in a broader plan “to invest in other top priorities and significant opportunities that lie ahead.”

Of course, recently some analysts point out that Google’s parent company, Alphabetled by CEO Sundar Pichai, about a year ago it sought to focus resources on developing artificial intelligence while cutting costs, cutting 2,000 jobs, or about 6% of its workforce.

What is certain is that a Google sales unit is in the process reorganization, as the company deploys tools using artificial intelligence to create and design ads. The move eliminates the need for employees who specialize in selling ads for specific Google services. The search giant is planning to reorganize a large part of its 30,000-strong ad sales unit following the company’s recent advances in artificial intelligence, according to reports in trade magazines.

The union, meanwhile, says it won’t stand by and watch. Alphabetical Workers Union (AWU-CWA) wrote further

According to the latest data, the company recorded in the third quarter of 2023 revenues of $76.3 billion, with a net profit of $19.7 billion.

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