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AGI – I markets they travel contrasting and they send different signals Bank of Japan (The fight) confirmed his ultra-accommodative monetary policy and that rally after the Fed showed signs cooling downlike some senior officials of the Federal Reserve muted the notification US central bank in the beginningrate cuts next year.

In Asia, the Nikkei rallied and only fell amid struggles to confirm its ultra-accommodative monetary policy, maintaining both a short-term negative rate and a 1% “benchmark” ceiling on Japan’s 10-year government bond. revenues.

Bojo’s “dovish” move jolted Asian stocks, which remained in a narrow range after aggressive comments from some US central bankers sought to dampen market optimism about Fed cuts coming “next year.”

More generally However, traders have not stopped expecting several rate cuts next year and on Wall Street, futures are mixed and little moving, after yesterday, the three New York indexes closed positive, waiting for more macro data to definitively clarify the Fed’s monetary orientation.

The Nasdaq added 0.61%, the S&P 500 0.45%, while the Dow Jones ended the day unchanged. Future numbers on the economy’s performance will be crucial, with Q3 GDP data on Thursday and PCE inflation on Friday, the gauge the US central bank watches most to inform its decisions.

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