GWM Tank 007: the new Chinese luxury SUV with the name of a secret agent, which challenges the Mercedes G-Class


PUSH China does not hesitate to invade even the highest segments of the market. In addition to utilitarian brands, it is trying to take center stage in the premium sector, which also includes GWM Tank 007, dedicated to extreme exclusivity. In a period marked by profound changes, Beijing intends to make full use of its competitive advantage over Western competition in the electricity sector. Even the main players in the European industry have admitted that they are behind in the race, at least compared to the large Asian country, which will try to gain supremacy beyond its borders in the coming years.

The frenetic activity is unparalleled. No segment, technology or category is left out. GWM Tank 007 even has the audacity to launch challenges for an authentic icon like this Mercedes G class. The German model has always been a unique example. Some brave people have certainly tried to test it, but without putting a hole in it. Due to his commercial results, many threw in the towel. So what makes the vehicle different from its competitors? The political and economic weight of the Dragon Republic.

GWM Tank 007: a new luxury model with a design that combines sportiness and elegance and a 500 HP engine.

GWM Tank 007

In case you’re wondering, GWM is the result of the merger of two brands that were once on the old continent: WEY and ORA. Both companies, now an integral part Great Wall Engine, have formed partnerships to seize opportunities across national borders. As GWM WEY 03 compared to the Mercedes GLC, its main opponent is also clear in this case. Sportiness and luxury, typical of the Mercedes G-Class, will be the cornerstones of the car, an SUV that, in its name alone, is halfway between the small Tank 300 and the imposing Tank 500. The figures speak clearly: 511 cm long, 212 cm wide and 199 cm high , with the distance between the axles exactly 3 meters.


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