Hero how Europe builds its planetary defenses


Preparations for the launch of the probe continue unabated GamesEuropean Space Agency mission (Hex) heading tothe binary asteroid Didymos. This probe will investigate the impact site of the probe Darth with whom in the fall 2022 PUSH NASA experimented with the technique for the first time planetary defense. Various components of the probe are being tested and among them the photovoltaic panels have just completed all the necessary experiments.

An image of the Dimorph taken by Dart before the crashNASA TV

2026, 4 years after impact

Dart was a kinetic impactorprobe that hit the surface of a small asteroid like a missile Dimorphos. Dimorphos is a small rock about the exact size 177 meters, which is found in the Didymos binary system. Dart’s goal was to demonstrate a planetary defense technique for the first time in history: if the strike succeeds in deflecting Dimorphos from its orbit, then we might be able to deflect an asteroid if we discover one en route in the future. Earth. AND she succeeded, the probe actually changed the path of the asteroid. However, to verify all impact effects and study the Didymos system in detail now that it has been modified by our intervention, a retrospective investigation is necessary. So that comes into play GamesESA’s probe, which will arrive in 2026, four years after impact, will visit the system and study the two asteroids with its science instruments, with a particular interest in the possible crater left by Dart.


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