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Through texts and more than a hundred unpublished photographs, the book traces the relationship between photographer Denis O’Regan and Freddie Mercury and Brian May’s Queen: it is ‘Queen by O’Regan’, the latest publication in a series edited by Ono Arte. for independent publisher Lullabit, 128 color pages on matte chalk paper (29.50 euros). The photographer talks about his beginnings in punk London and the eighties spent watching musicians such as David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Neil Diamond, Bee Gees, Spandau Ballet and focuses mainly on his long experience with the object of his adoration: Queen, to be exact. Passion for Freddie Mercury, behind the scenes of historic events such as Live Aid and the Magic Tour, intimate portraits of Freddie, Brian, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, accompanied by unique images of the band and its frontman, destined to change music and pop culture forever.
“Live Aid tickets – remembers Denis O’Regan – were all sold before Queen’s participation was announced; therefore no one bought them to go see them. Yet, the moment they went on stage, something great happened. whole the Wembley audience turned into a Queen audience. Everyone, absolutely everyone, realized how special they were, how special Freddie was. Before that live, Queen were really nervous because the biggest bands on the planet were on that stage. Interview with a TV journalist the night before the concert asked them what the show would be like, since they would have to do without costumes and set design. They answered with great humility that they were trying and that they would do their best. They probably had no idea that the next day they would write an important page in pop history, just like the public she didn’t represent. After that, the love for Queen and Freddie exploded, who are still hugely influential today.”

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