Hot 2023 was the hottest year ever: the data says so


They predicted it at the beginning of November, now there is confirmation: the 2023 was the hottest year ever. This is reported by the European agency Copernicus, which uses i satellites for monitoringBesides, climate crisis. Just today, the body led by the European Union released data on temperatures recorded over the past year: numbers that are anything but encouraging.

Hottest year ever

It was from 1850that is, since the average world temperature was recorded that was not so hot: with an average temperature 14.98 °Cbetter than 0.17 °C to that of 2016The 2023 will go down in history as the warmest year ever. Or probably the hottest year on record.

Last year’s temperature average was exceeded according to Copernicus 1.48 °C from the so-called pre-industrial period or from the second half of the nineteenth century. And that was it 0.6 °C higher than in the thirty-year period 1991-2020. Not only that: 2023 was the first year in which the average daily temperature was at least 1°C higher than the pre-industrial average. This chart summarizes the situation over the last ten years.

2019 has come to a close, with only two days with average temperatures that did not exceed the minimum 1 °C pre-industrial average, the year 2023 succeeded. Good 192 days the average temperature rise was between 1 AND 1.5 °CFor others 171 between 1.5 Hello 2 °C. Not only that: there were two days when the increase exceeded 2 degrees. Exactly the line that climate agreements want to prevent it from crossing. It’s about 17 he was born in November 18which saw an increase of 2,051 AND 2046 °C compared to the pre-industrial average. The chart below shows the situation day by day.

In an already complex picture, the graph shows how the situation worsened in the second half of 2023 December was the warmest everwith an average temperature 13.51 °Cbetter than 1.78 °C to the pre-industrial average.


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