How Gpt Store works, a virtual store for ChatGPT customization


The idea behind OpenAI is integrate the ChatGPT text interface with new applications. The form lists information from GPT applications such as Consensus spoken texts very similar to those from ChatGPT, with an interface that varies depending on the application you’re using. In practice, the user enters a specific GPT tag, e.g AllTrails hiking guide or that tool Canvas design and asks the question just like traditional ChatGPT reception a specific answer based on the application you are using.

At the same time, ChatGPT also works astranslator’ or assistant for various GPT brands. When e.g Wired OUR asked AllTrails GPT for advice on a two-hour hike in Berkeley, California. The bot asked for permission to call AllTrail’s API and passed the query to the application, then displayed the results.

In terms of content moderation, GPT respects the new store same rules and guidelines as OpenAI uses for its chatbot. When Canva’s GPT was asked to design an invitation for a birthday party with Nazis, he replied: “I’m sorry, I can’t respond to this request.”. And while it’s unlikely that major companies will choose to violate OpenAI’s policies for their content, some GPT creators and their users may do so instead; for this the company will have to consider creating a a new level of security and content moderation so that new applications also respect their rules.

Rewarding creators

OpenAI said it will be introduced in the first quarter of this year payment model for developers GPT applications. At this point, the company has limited itself to saying that payment will vary according to users which GPT will be able to engage. Unlike the Apple App Store, where the profit is always split equally – 70% for the company and 30% for developers – payments to developers in the OpenAI store will therefore change. based on the success of the application, per number of downloads and ability attract new users on the platform.

Anwar Haneef, CEO and Head of Ecosystems at Canva, said his company hasn’t talked about it yet. monetizing your GPT brand with OpenAI, but will do so soon. Olson, CEO of Consensus, instead emphasizes that he would like more clarity on what he calls “revenue sharing plan” of OpenAI, but adds that he understands why the company focused on the model it provides prices according to user usage, in accordance with its main activity. But regardless of future revenue sharing, sometimes companies simply choose to focus on where the most attention is focused. And at this moment ChatGPT is undoubtedly the center of the technology universe.

This article originally appeared on Wired Us.


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