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Since the beginning of December, the influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni has been involved in a media case regarding the promotion of Balocco pandori, which is also marketed under her brand. The case has recently become a judicial one, as Ferragni is being investigated for aggravated fraud by the Milan prosecutor’s office, and the damage to her image is followed by economic damages, given that the multinational eyewear company Safilo has cut ties with her and Coca – Cola has decided not to use the ad anymore , which included her and was scheduled to air at the end of January.

Quantifying these economic damages is also difficult because, in addition to the interrupted collaborations, the activity on his social networks has also drastically decreased: this means that Ferragni does not publish sponsored posts and stories on Instagram, which normally receive tens of thousands of payments. euros, sometimes more, as agreed. It is by no means certain that companies other than Safilo and Coca-Cola will decide to cut ties with her, and the debate surrounding Ferragni and her business has increased the focus on a much less visible part of her business, the group of companies she manages.

Ferragni owns Sisterhood, which is a company called financial jargon share, that is, a company that has participations and shares in other companies, which are therefore under its control. There are three within the Sisterhood, also owned by Ferragni, that deal with various influencer activities.

The first company is TBS Crew Srl, 100% owned by the holding company. It is a blog publishing company Blonde salad, with which Ferragni originally rose to fame, and is also the agency (“talent agency”) that handles the image and collaboration of Ferragni herself, her mother Marina Di Guardo, her sister Francesca Ferragni and make-up artist Manuel Mameli. TBS Crew achieved 14.6 million euros in revenue in 2022, double that of 2021, and a profit of 5.1 million. On his LinkedIn profile, he says he has developed “communication projects and strategies” with Lancôme, Pantene, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso and others.

The second company of the group is Fenice Srl, whose business is primarily based on the ownership of the Chiara Ferragni brand. Fenice therefore profits from the sale of products on which the brand is affixed: primarily from those with which the company trades directly and which relate to women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, glasses, underwear, costumes, sewing. up and also stationary storage. These products are sold online, in the brand’s flagship stores and retailers. The jewelry collection, for example, is further sold in La Rinascente shopping centers.

Collaborations can then occur when other companies decide to put the Chiara Ferragni brand on their products: for example, last year Nespresso launched a collection of coffee machines and cups with the Chiara Ferragni brand.

In 2022, Fenice Srl had a turnover of 14.2 million euros and a profit of 3.4 million. The company owns 32.5 percent of Ferragni Holding, 40 percent of investment company Alchimia Spa, 13.74 percent of Esuriens and another 13.75 percent of N1 Srl. The composition of the shareholders should change due to the agreement of June 2023. , with which Alchimia sold part of its shares to another investment company Avm Gestioni. At the time, the entire company was valued at 75 million euros.

however Republic wrote that the transfer of shares has not yet taken place due to the Pandoro Balocco affair. Second Republic the sale negotiations were complicated by the fine imposed by the Competition or Market Authority (better known as the Antimonopoly Office) on Fenice srl for unfair business practices. However, AVM confirmed to the newspaper that the terms of the contract have not changed compared to last year and that the operation will be closed by the end of 2024.

The third company owned by the Sisterhood holding company is Ferragni Enterprise, owned almost entirely by Ferragni, except for a small 0.1 percent stake in the mother’s name. Ferragni’s properties belong to this company, including the one where she recently moved with her family in the City Life area of ​​Milan, worth around 10 million euros.

In total, the three companies have an estimated value of around 100 million euros. It is not yet possible to determine what impact the investigation will have on his company: at the moment we only know that Fenice and TBS Crew will have to pay a total fine of 1 million euros.

In addition to the recently discontinued one with Safilo, Ferragni has several ongoing collaborations. For example, it is a collection of Nespresso products under the Chiara Ferragni brand; then there is the long-term collaboration with Calzedonia and Intimissimi, Italian underwear brands that are part of the Veronese Oniverse group. Then there is the historical testimony of Pantene, a company of the Procter & Gamble group that manufactures hair products. Finally, he has been working with the Tod’s brand, which specializes in luxury shoes and accessories, for several years and is also a member of the board of directors.

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