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The show is over, but the lights still don’t go out. The success of objects, and especially musical instruments, belonging to the timeless performers of rock and pop music of all time, continues at auctions. Among the most recent sensational results is undoubtedly that achieved by a 1964 Gibson SG electric guitar, played several times on stage by Eric Clapton when he was a member of the rock band Cream, which was valued at almost 1.2 million by the specialist American auction house Julien’s auction last November euros. A guitar recognizable because it has been treated with a psychedelic finish by Dutch art collective The Fool. An object to keep under lock and key when you think about the multiplication of the value recorded in the last decades: its previous auction dates back to 2000 for 160 thousand dollars.

“Among the most collected musicians today, we have to mention Kurt Cobain, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Eric Clapton, but we also see a growing interest in contemporary hip-hop music artists,” comments Martin Nolan, co. -founder and CEO of Julien’s Auctions. “This memorabilia is seen as a kind of fashionable asset class that fascinates because it is associated with popular artists”. The most expensive famous guitar ever sold at auction went for more than €5.3 million for the Martin D-18E acoustic played by Kurt Cobain during his legendary unplugged performance with Nirvana broadcast on MTV in 1993.

“The instrument was originally purchased by Lloyd Chiate, a guitar store owner in Los Angeles, for $3,500 and then sold to Cobain in 1992 for $5,000,” Nolan continues. “This demonstrates the significant added value of the artist who played the instrument, as well as how the performances in which it was used can affect its price. The provenance of memorabilia is generally very important, as is the ability to document any changes in ownership to ensure they are authentic.” Guitars belonging to stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, whose collection of instruments have also fetched significant prices in the past made its mark at auction at Christie’s in 2019, and guitars belonging to John Lennon and George Harrison. Last September, the sale at Sotheby’s of a collection of works of art, but mainly of objects belonging to Freddy Mercury, was epoch-making. Highlights of the evening’s glamor included some of Mercury’s manuscripts of Queen’s most popular songs, such as Don’t stop me now, Somebody to love, We are the champions and Bohemian Rhapsody, which sold for a stratospheric sum of 1.6. million euros.

But fans of this genre will soon have new business opportunities. On January 31, Christie’s London will unveil a collection of more than 120 guitars and amplifiers collected over a 50-year career by Mark Knopfler, the famous songwriter, singer and guitarist of Dire Straits. Among the top deals is a vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar played during the 2001 Sailing to Philadelphia tour and the 2008 Kill to get crimson tour (estimate £300-500k). (All rights reserved)


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