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The holiday season is getting closer and the desire to capture the best moments is getting stronger. We asked those who do it for a living, and the new portrait modes on the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will make capturing memorable shots a breeze.

Expert advice

We were lucky enough to learn a few tricks from the portrait artist Max Schenetti – @maxanddouglas – who described the portrait to us as “testimony to an encounter”. He also gave us these simple rules:

– Take care of the framing: everything inside the frame has a meaning.
– Use the available light to “draw” the subject and think of the light areas as the most important.
– Observe the subject before shooting and then explore it: move forward, backward, sideways, change the angle of view and zoom.

For Emanuele di Mare AND Simon It is OF Crop – @crope – it’s very important to create a context where the person sees themselves as beautiful and likes themselves in a situation they are familiar with. Emanuele and Simone gave us these valuable tips regarding the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro portrait modes:

– Explore lines and architectural elements to frame the subject in the environment that surrounds it.
– Get physically closer or use iPhone lenses to insert an object and enhance the photo.
– Use Portrait mode to blur the background by reducing the depth of field and highlighting the subject.
– With Portrait mode, you can also play with elements in front of the subject, not just behind it, to create interesting effects.
– When taking pictures, it is very important to use the natural light sources available to us to illuminate the subjects and obtain professional images.
– To give your images a final look, you can quickly apply filters and photo styles without professional programs.

And now a few tips on how to put expert advice into practice

Portrait mode with the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are better thanks photonic engine, which enhances detail in moderately low light conditions such as indoors or before sunset, improving color and dynamic range. There are more creative controls with focus and depth controls and still are easier portrait shooting directly from Photo mode.

Now really You don’t have to decide right away whether to shoot portrait or not. Even without selecting this mode You can now take portraits directly from Photo mode. When iPhone detects a person or animal in the foreground, it automatically captures depth information so you can activate the portrait effect later. The icon at the bottom left indicates that the iPhone is capturing depth. You can also tap the preview icon to instantly activate the Portrait effect. If you want to capture depth in any photo, just tap anywhere in the preview and the icon will appear. To activate the portrait after taking it, tap “Edit” and then “Portrait”.

For more creative control, it is now possible to adjust the focus point of a portrait photo even after taking the photo. Simply click “Edit” in the Photos app and tap the point you want to focus on. You can also adjust the depth intensity.

Portrait mode on the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro also supports it continuous zoom if a specific shot is needed. You can use the zoom wheel in Photo mode or pinch zoom in Portrait mode. For best results use native focal lengths: 24mm (1x), 28mm (1.2x), 35mm (1.5x) and 48mm (2x) in the main cameraor 77 mm (3x) on iPhone 15 Pro and 120 mm (5x) on iPhone 15 Pro Max in telephoto lenses.

Select some hidden features from additional camera settings

Select “Settings > Camera” and then choose between Grid, Horizontal Alignment, Mirror Front Camera, Show Outer Frame Area, or Main Camera. So you can switch from the 24mm lens to the other (28mm and 35mm) when you tap the 1x button, that is, the macro control, which shows that the camera control will automatically switch to the ultra-wide lens for taking photos and macro videos. but especially Portraits in Photo mode.

This allows you to automatically get depth of field information if the subject is in the foreground of the photo in Photo mode, so you can extend the Portrait effects later, after the shot. It’s important to always have the Grid set to keep your composition under control. And we must remember that “Horizontal alignment” is also always useful, both for photos taken from the front and for shots from above: for example, when we frame a dish or a table set for Christmas lunch!

Control the exposure using manual settings in the camera

Tap the subject you’re photographing to focus and expose, then slide your finger up or down to adjust. Tap and hold to lock the selected point and exposure. And always check what is highlighted in the photo, for example, the presence of light, backlighting of the subject, etc.

Take a live photo

From the Camera, you need to activate the Live Photo function (top right button) and take a picture. You can play a “live photo” from your photo library (tap and hold), then make any changes you want, change the main photo, and activate the sound. As for Live Mode, you can choose between different effects: Loop or Bounce (from the top left menu), ideal for capturing the atmosphere of the evening. When this feature is active, you can also create Live stickers and then use them for messages, including WhatsApp ones.

Use Macro mode

Just get close to the subject (2 cm), see that it is blurry, and activate/deactivate the macro (lower left button). It’s the perfect mode for taking amazing photos of details like the texture of the food on your Christmas table.

Advice? For the best quality, always place the subject in the center of the image.

Use the timer to take photos from your Apple Watch as well

From the iPhone camera: Swipe up to see the timer at the bottom right.

From Apple Watch: Turn on the remote camera. This way the person taking the photo can be present too and it’s perfect for group photos!

A few tips and videos

Use QuickTake to quickly switch between photos and videos

Simply hold the camera shutter button to start recording video and swipe right to lock the selected mode. To never miss what’s happening in front and capture all the atmosphere of a photo in richer content, such as a party or live show.

Add a professional touch to your videos with Cinema mode

Tap to zoom in, change focus, or double-tap to track an object.

From your photo/video library: You can also edit directly from here, change focus and depth, or watch the subject after you’ve taken it.

Choose Action Mode for incredible stabilization

In video mode, tap the little man in the upper left. It’s perfect when you’re shooting people walking, when you’re circling a subject, or when you’re shooting content from a car.

Slow motion mode

It can also be used for selfies, for example when you pour a drink you can create a “selfie video” where everything is filmed in slow motion.

Also try videos in Macro mode

Enter “video mode”, get closer to the subject and activate Macro mode. Now tap to select focus and record video without changing distance (then select locked focus). Perfect if you’re shooting a video where food is the main character!

Some tricks related to iOS

From your photo library, you can copy changes made to one image and paste them into a series of images

Starting with a color photo, edit it into a black and white version. Then copy the changes made to this photo, then go back to the Photos album, select all the photos you want to edit, tap again and finally Paste Changes. This way you save time by working on a series of shots at the same time without having to edit one by one. Thanks to iOS, which intelligently “pastes” the selected settings!

Share photos or videos you’ve taken easily with AirDrop

Thanks to the innovations brought by the new version of iOS, it is easy to share content with friends and relatives in seconds. The new AirDrop operating system offers even more ways to share, even by simply holding your iPhone close to the other person.

Create live stickers from your portraits

A moving object in a Live Photo can be turned into an animated sticker. Just open the Photos app on your iPhone, tap a live photo to open it full screen, press and hold the subject of the live photo, slide it up until the duplicate image appears, and then release it.

When you then tap “Add Sticker”, the animated sticker will appear in the sticker menu, which can be accessed using the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard or editing tools. If you want to apply a visual effect such as a border, bubble or relief, just click “Add Effect”.


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