Hyperloop One at the end of the track, the 1000 km/h super train stopped forever


Hyperloop One it closes and with it extinguishes the hope of traveling very long distances in a few minutes in the vacuum inside the tube. It was founded in 2014 and first showed its potential to the public two years later in a test conducted in the Nevada desert. In 2017, Richard Branson joined the company and renamed the project to Virgin Hyperloop One. Last year, the old name returned when the company expressed its intention to focus exclusively on freight transport.

Virgin Hyperloop, changes: from passengers to goods, through layoffs

22nd February

Hyperloop One is decommissioned: layoffs are underway, assets for sale (including test track) and closed offices. The last employees will leave the company by December 31. What remains of the intellectual property will be transferred DP World, a multinational company based in Dubai which owns the majority share of the company.

Bloomberg states that last April it became Hyperloop Technologies (this is its formal name). merged with a shell company after reducing the value of shares to zero. This operation would be personally carried out by DP World.


This concludes one of the most ambitious projects of the last decades in the transport sector. Maybe also ambitious, although tests have confirmed significant improvements, especially in terms of speed and travel time. However, threats and scandals left an indelible mark on the company, and the only possible solution was to leave the scene.

Many of them remain on the market alternativesFirstly Hyperloop TT based in Toulouse. Here the project continues, but there is a risk that, as happened with Hyperloop One, the development work will not be paid for by specific commissions. In the case of the super train, it was precisely this deficiency that ultimately sank the project.


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