Inter also said goodbye to the Italian Cup. Bologna performance at San Siro


AGI – Bologna sensationally overcame Inter in extra time in the Coppa Italia round of 16 to record their second upset of the edition after Frosinone’s poker in Naples just 24 hours earlier. At the San Siro, it ends 2-1 for the Bolognese and everything happens in extra time, after 0-0 in regulation with a penalty missed by Lautaro Martinez in the 65th minute. Carlos Augusto opens at the dawn of the first overtime, but in the last eight minutes of the match former team Thiago Motta he is doing well thanks to goals from Beukema and Ndoye.

The two-time holder of the trophy (2022 and 2023) is therefore surprisingly eliminated, Bologna will reach the quarter-finals thanks to a good performance and will now face Fiorentina. The home side immediately look to take control of the game and create their first potential scoring opportunity in the 6th minute: Lautaro passes to Arnautovic, but the great former player misses the ball from a promising position.

On the quarter-hour mark, Bolognese responded with a thrilling performance by Fabbiano, who came close to scoring a Eurogoal with a volley from Lykogiannis’ cross, which went just wide. The game remained deadlocked and only in the 31st minute did the home team begin to assert themselves again very dangerously with the introduction of Frattesi, who kicked from the first after a good play by Carlos Augusto and found a good response from Ravaglia. At the beginning of the second half, Inter had another great chance: Arnautovic received the ball in the area after a bloody mistake by Aebischer on the edge of his own goal, but the Austrian striker gets lost in too many dribbles and misses a shot with his left foot.

The episode that could break the deadlock comes in the 63rd minute, when the referee is called for a review on the pitch due to a touch by Corazza in the Bologna area: the penalty is great, but Lautaro is mesmerized by the excellent Ravaglia. However, Bologna struggled to build and were crushed in their own half by Inzaghi’s side, who came close to taking the lead in the 71st and 86th minutes as Carlos Augusto and Dimarco both headed in corners. After a 0-0 draw in regulation time, it was two left-footed Nerazzurri players who built Inter’s 1-0 lead at the start of extra time.: Dimarco made a great cross from the flag to the center, Carlos Augusto headed it perfectly and beat Ravaglia.

The home side look set to take the lead comfortably, but something sensational happens in the second half, with Bologna turning everything around in four minutes (112′ and 116′) with goals from Beukema and Ndoye, two crazy plays from Zirkzee, a galactic performance and getting advance to the next round.

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