Irpef, rate cut postponed. Green for the new tax calendar


Late in the morning, the Council of Ministers closed, which had on its table the final approval of the decree that increases the Irpef rates for 2024 from four to three, which was postponed to the next Council of Ministers for technical analysis in accordance with the law. budget pending approval. The Council of Ministers has definitively approved two legislative decrees implementing the delegation (international taxation and obligations and payments).

Rate reduction

Even if the implementing decree is approved by the next Council of Ministers (probably on December 28), the reduction of Irpef rates from four to three for 2024 remains confirmed only for the first band with a 23% levy extended up to 28 thousand euros. . Also for 2024, the in-work deduction will increase from €1,880 to €1,955, bringing the tax-free area to €8,500 as for pensioners. And with the subsequent remodulation of the calculation of the supplement for incomes up to 28,000 euros (previously Renzi’s bonus), so that the increase in the tax-free area does not cause the loss of the benefit.

Adjustment of local surcharges

To allow the reduction of Irpef rates from 4 to 3 and the setting of local surcharges, the new version of the decree also states that local authorities unable to adapt the surcharges to the new bands will only be able to continue using the old rates until 15 April 2024 for the next year. In detail, as explained in the explanatory report, taking into account the agreement reached at the Conference of States and Regions, it is assumed that in the event that the regions and autonomous provinces do not approve a special law regulating the bands and rates, for only in 2024 the regional surcharge will continue to apply from the income of natural persons based on the brackets and rates valid for 2023. For the municipal additional tax, in accordance with what was established for the regional tax, the text stipulates that for the year 2024 municipalities must adjust the bands by April 15, 2024, and municipal surcharge rates to match the new Irpef three-way rate structure. In the same period, municipalities can set differentiated municipal surcharge rates on personal income tax only for the year 2024 based on the income bands valid for 2023. Finally, in the event that the municipalities do not adopt a resolution or it is not forwarded by the deadline of December 20, 2024, for publication purposes with constitutive effect on the institutional website of the Ministry of Finance, the rates valid for 2023 will continue to apply for 2024.

Skip deductions for donations to nonprofits and parties

The reduction in deductions for donations to non-profit organisations, third sector bodies and political parties will be skipped. In the version of the Irpef decree, by which the tax delegation is carried out, drawn up after the opinion of the parliamentary commissions and expected in the Council of Ministers, the government – according to the text in circulation – would accept some indications of the Chamber. The law, which provides for a linear reduction of €260 on deductions for incomes above €50,000, removes the reference to liberal donations to non-profit organisations, humanitarian, religious or secular initiatives, political parties and third sector bodies.

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Stop expanding online games, framework for new competitions

The Council of Ministers also approved in the first reading a new legislative decree with provisions related to remote games: “the season of expansion of online games was concluded by the preparation of a general framework for the definition of the entire system and for the announcement of new tenders. It also envisages measures to combat illegality and to protect the weakest players.”


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