Is the “oldest pyramid in the world” a hoax?


Part of the archaeological community doesn’t think so the Gunung Padang site in Indonesia is actually the oldest pyramid on the planet. This thesis – picked up by various international media – is based on a recent Indonesian scientific article, according to which the site is 25 thousand years old, even older than the Egyptian pyramids. However, according to critics, the document contains several errors that would lead to hasty conclusions and incorrect.

In a few weeks, Gunung Padang has changed from a simple natural hill in Indonesia to an area where the remains of a pyramid predate the consolidation of agriculture. A multidisciplinary team of scientists studied the site for years and found it to be home to a a structure built by a thousand-year-old civilization.

Reconstruction of the Gunung Padang pyramid

The news immediately went viral, but a careful review of the original article by Archaeological survey confirmed the archaeologists’ suspicions dating experts. They exist at least two key points that can discredit the theory Asian researchers.

Conspiracy theory reviewer

At the end of the article about Gunung Padang, the authors of the document thank you Graham Hancock for the final revision of the text. Hancock is a British journalist and ufologist, known for writing books devoted to conspiracy theories and for having advanced imaginative hypotheses about ancient super-advanced civilizations.


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