Italians spend 446 euros each on Christmas


AGI – Per At Christmas, Italians spend 446 euros eachbut 25% want to tighten their belts. That’s what he revealedAltroconsumo analysis. Italians are thinking about spending this year 217 euros for gifts Christmas (the search for which is additionally a source of stress for 33%; and then ends up with often unnecessary things for up to 30%). But when we add to that the money needed for travel, dinner, parties you get much more than 217 euros i.e. 446 euros per person.

One in three ends up spending more than generally expected (the survey was conducted on November 6 and 7, 2023, on a sample of 808 people divided like the general population by age, from 18 to 74 years, gender, education level and geographic area) . Faced with the high cost of living, however, the intention of those 25% – a good quarter of the total – would be to tighten their belts and spend less than last year.

19% buy Christmas gifts in January and take advantage of sales. And the plans for the next few days? Most, as is traditional, will have lunch and dinner with relatives or friends. 23% will leave the city. Compared to last year, in most cases (63%) they plan to pay the same amount, more or less. But 25% want to cut compared to 2022 and only 12% plan to spend more.

46% buy only or mostly online (although there was a decrease compared to last year: 18% think they will buy less online); 21% will shop only or mostly in physical stores. In 23% of cases, this will be done in a balanced way, partly online and partly shopping. Many already know that they will spend more than they expect, and a good third experience the topic of “Christmas presents” as a source of stress. 19% prefer to buy them in January to take advantage of discounts.

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