Juve-Inter is the most watched match at Dazna


AGI – Juventus-Inter is the most watched championship match in the world Tax to date with an average 2,121,865 viewers recorded last November 26 from 20:47 to 22:39.

Inter is still in second place in the match played Maradona from Naples vs. Napoli: 2,016,504 average viewers recorded on Dec. 3 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:54 p.m. They are the only two matches to surpass two million viewers, according to a report released by the company Auditor which includes both census-derived Dazn ratings, measured using the SDK on all devices, and Dazn ratings from satellite channels (Dazn Zone) distributed by Sky and TivùSat that are of sample origin (SuperPanel).

He is in third place Milan-Juventus with 1,980,410 viewers on October 22 (20:45-22:42). Close to the podium we find Juventus-Naples on December 8 (20:45-22:40) with 1,908,333 spectators and Inter-Roma on October 29 (18:01-19:57) with 1,701,831.

Napoli-Milan (1,643,810 spectators) was also played on the same day, but at a different time (20:45-22:40). The Inter-Milan derby on September 16 (18.-19.53) was watched by 1,623,051 spectators. Fiorentina-Juventus November 5 (20:49-22:46) 1,582,909 spectators. Roma-Milan on September 1 (20:46-22:45) 1,353,979. Lazio-Roma derby on November 12 (18-19:52) 1,304,536 spectators.

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