La Piadineria speaks English: the chain of restaurants has been taken over by the CVC fund


The international fund CVC Capital Partners is ready to acquire the restaurant chain La Piadineria. According to financial rumors, the agreement will be announced in the coming days, and the one who will sell the large Made in Italy restaurant will be another private equity firm, the current shareholder of Permira.

CVC, with a team led by managing partner Giampiero Mazza, has been negotiating for several weeks to acquire 100% of the shares of La Piadineria: a valuation in terms of “enterprise value” in financial circles of more than 300 million euros. According to CVC’s plans, the purchase of the La Piadineria group would lead to the further development of the company, both organically and through acquisitions, including foreign ones, with the aim of creating a fast food center. In fact, the sector is very fragmented.

The Permira funds, led in Italy by Francesco Pascalizi and assisted by Mediobanca and Rothschild advisers in asset valuation, took control of La Piadineria between late 2017 and early 2018 for €250 million. .

Previously, the restaurant chain was controlled by the Idea Taste of Italy fund since 2015, a vehicle managed by Dea Capital Alternative Funds sgr (a De Agostini Group company).

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Backed by shareholder Permira, La Piadineria’s turnover has tripled in recent years, despite closures due to lockdown during the pandemic period. In 2023, a group-wide turnover of over 200 million euros is expected with more than 300 restaurants located throughout the state.


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