Lamborghini Lanzador EV, everyone can see and drive it thanks to Roblox


Presented in August during Pebble Beach Lamborghini Lanzador EV immediately attracted the interest of enthusiasts. We bet getting to the presentation venue was excruciating for even the most ardent fans, but don’t worry. With the Roblox video game, it is possible to watch its perfect simulation.

Virtual Ultra GT experience

The virtual world now offers possibilities that even ten years ago we probably only dreamed of or were the exclusive subject of science fiction. But now the Lamborghini Lanzador EV is “accessible to everyone”. The car’s features have been well known since the aforementioned presentation, but now it’s possible to experience the thrill of driving and the definitive Ultra GT experience, if only on a virtual level. In what Lamborghini calls an “immersive 3D experience,” users Roblox they can explore Lanzador in-game through “customizable features and interactive components”.

Lamborghini Landrover

Basically, players can customize their own Lanzarote through the Lamborghini Ad Personam program and also use your vehicle to compete in time trials. So it’s undoubtedly an interesting opportunity for video game lovers, but at the same time, it could interest motoring enthusiasts who are not familiar with the game at all. A commercial move is naturally one that leaves its mark, as it brings new interested parties into the game in one fell swoop. Roblox and at the same time the car is advertised.

Lamborghini Landrover

Lamborghini Lanzador EV on Roblox

Roblox is an online platform that had very little success when it launched. Today, however, it is the second most famous game in the world right after Minecraft. Cooperation with Lamborghini offers the possibility of expanding this virtual world and gives enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know the work of the prestigious car company in even more detail. In addition to experiencing the Lanzador, players will also be able to walk through the digital rooms of the Automobili Lamborghini Museum and learn about the history of the brand and the design philosophy that led to the development of the Lanzador EV. There are also a number of objects to customize your Lamborghini themed avatars.

You can purchase these items using in-game currency ie Robux. The most exclusive of these items is the Automobili Lamborghini Bull Head. It costs 1.5 million Robux and is limited to just three units. Three players who manage to purchase it will be able to visit the real Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese for free. Cooperation between the two companies, Roblox and Lamborghiniis proud of the marketing director of the latter, Christian Mastro, who stated:

“We are thrilled to introduce Lanzador on Roblox and give a global audience the opportunity to interact with Lamborghini in an unprecedented way by experiencing the new electric motor with over 1MW of power. This collaboration is proof of our determination to reach a new generation of fans and showcase our brand’s leadership in both the digital and physical realms.”


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