Linus breaks the silence in an argument with Cecchet


AGI – “The fool? How should I define someone who makes a celebratory episode about “our years” and with painstaking and scientifically petty care avoids even mentioning it?”. And Linusthe current artistic director of Radio Deejay, a break the silence with letter sent to Corriere della Sera in reaction to Jody Cecchetto’s video going viralson of Claudius who accused of insulting his father by calling him a “fool” to comment live on the radio on the viewing figures of the documentary “Peolpe from Cecchetto”, which was broadcast in prime time on Rai Uno.

“I haven’t done that in thirty years. he never made any statement against him, never – writes Linus – look for it, you won’t find it. Unlike him, who never missed an opportunity to vilify me.” “Of course I understand the frustration of seeing a radio station he started and then abandoned not only not go down, but continue to travel at full speed – Linus points out – for thirty flight! That must be terrible! But I ask, is it my fault?”

THE disagreements between Linus and Cecchett they have was created by the acquisition of Radio Deejay by the L’Espresso group by Carlo de Benedetti. “In 1994, when he decided to blackmail the group he had sold the radio to four years earlier (he said ‘give it back or I’ll leave’; they replied ‘ok, leave’), I was nobody – Linus writes in a clarifying letter – only after he left did she ask A group that knew less than zero about radio, Albertina (who was the balance at the time) to start the radio and asked me to help him. I took it very lightly and the rest is history.”

What started the new controversy between the two was exactly the reaction that Linus had after the documentary about Cecchetto was shown on Rai, where he was not even mentioned.
During the usual radio appointment of the program ‘Deejay Gioca Italia’, in an exchange with Nicola Savino about the Auditel results, Linus emphasized that Rai Uno had few listeners the previous evening, perhaps because “there was something uninteresting”.

Savino then replied “how stupid you are” and Linus’s response was “how stupid”. Hence the defense in an Instagram video by Jody Cecchetto: “I was most upset when you called him an idiot because, like you said, he’s the person who basically makes you there and Radio Deejay exists. For that reason alone, without considering everything else, I don’t think he’s that stupid.”

“Linus came in 1984. I hired him and I emphasize that. Linus was my employee.” Claudio Cecchetto himself told Corriere della Sera. “Deejay’s Gang, which I founded on the radio, was a laboratory of ideas – explained Cecchetto – Gerry Scotti, Jovanotti and Fiorello exchanged opinions, views and visions at the beginning of their careers. The documentary was primarily about this group of people who, as I said, have come a long way and still matter a lot to this day. So I say to Linus, he was belittling all these wonderful people.”

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