Lloyd Austin is being treated for prostate cancer


AGI – US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is being treated for cancer. The Pentagon announced it. Austin, whose recent hospitalization was made public late and sparked controversy, is being treated for prostate cancer, according to doctors cited by the US Department of Defense, recognized by doctors in early December and operated on December 22. “His cancer was diagnosed early and his prognosis is excellent” they assured in a statement.

Joe Biden was only informed today, according to a White House spokesman. “It’s not ideal for a situation like this to go on for so long without the commander in chief knowing about it,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, as controversy mounts over the lack of communication surrounding the defense secretary’s two hospitalizations. .

The White House did not know that the head of the Pentagon underwent surgery under general anesthesia last December. The spokesman said this while answering journalists’ questions about the secret hospitalization of the Minister of Defense.

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