Maneuver 2024: doctors’ pensions are saved in the Senate, the anti-violence fund is approved


The Commission gives the green light to the amendments

PUSH Senate Appropriations Committee finished examining all budget amendments around 6:00 a.m. on Monday, December 18, at the end of a night session that began just before 1:00 a.m. After proceeding to the opposition vote, the commission gave the green light the government ones and subsequently to those speakers , as well as the minority forces’ unified amendments of 40 million “treasury” to be allocated to combating gender-based violence and 2 million to be allocated to rare disease and cancer screening. After the meeting, it was decided that the commission would meet at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the agenda, explain the vote and finally hand over the mandate to the rapporteurs.

Government statement: it is not proposing an amendment on doctors

On Sunday, December 17, the executive decided not to submit a draft amendment to doctors’ pensions. Change of strategy with everything in view of the fact that initially the Minister of Relations with the Parliament Luca Ciriani on the sidelines of the meeting of the government and the majority in the budget committee of the Senate in connection with the rewording of the amendment that would have provided for retirement at the age of 72 for the health managers of hospitals , specified: «The government is ready and has the text, there are also proposals that come from the majority and the opposition and we would like to discuss them. We are willing to think.” “The majority – he added – agree, now we have to talk about it with the opposition.”


Initially, “the government text provided for a voluntary retirement at the age of 70 – Ciriani recalled – but the majority and the opposition raised many requests to modify the text. The government is in favor, it has prepared the text and we will consider extending the option for medical managers of hospitals to 72 years, even for university professors”. The measure, the minister added, does not include an increase for nurses whose age “remains at 70”, but even at this point “we will have to talk about it together with the majority and the opposition, whether a common point can be found”.

Unions are protesting

But after protests from the unions, the executive finally decided to take a step back. The amendment to increase the retirement age of doctors and nurses to 72 years is «an insult to the category, just to save some lobbies. This time we will put up barricades and are ready to call new strikes immediately. In this way, public health cannot be saved”, emphasized Pierino Di Silverio, secretary of the largest trade union of hospital doctors, Anaao Assome.

The amendment on doctors «was never presented, therefore it will not be withdrawn, it was a proposal, the willingness of the government and the majority to discuss, we saw that a gigantic debate on this topic was immediately launched, which would take too much time and maybe now is not even an hour to discuss such an important issue. We will review it in the next few months,” Ciriani said. Ciriani explained that there had been discussions with the Ministry of Health, which shared the initiative, but “because it is a complex and controversial issue, the opposition and groups want to discuss it in depth, now it’s a little late, so it’s not worth it,” he concluded.


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