Mediobanca, Antonio Guglielmi leaves the commercial bank after 15 years. Since 2019, he has been dealing with extraordinary operations in Rome – MilanoFinanza News


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Antonio Guglielmi saying goodbye to Mediobanca after fifteen years. Manager (whose departure, as reported by the agency Adnkronos) was confirmed by the institute’s internal press release on Monday, January 8) responsible for the research to London, which helps bring the institute to the top of the rankings in Italy. Guglielmi was also head of the European Banks team.

Recently, the manager worked as a banker in the Rome office with responsibility Food (Corporate Investment Banking) on ​​public companies. Among the most significant operations carried out under his leadership was the acquisition of the Italian stock exchange Euronext.

Career of a senior manager

Guglielmi arrived, 52 years old Mediobanca in 2009 after twelve years working in London for Salomon Brothers and Merryll Lynch, where he distinguished himself with his analyzes and economic scenarios on the complex banking sector of those years.

From Piazzetta Cuccio was immediately tasked with expanding the company’s cash business City, offering investment ideas to the financial community through macroeconomic studies on Italy and Europe. His results were such that in 2012 he was voted by institutional investors as the best European banking analyst. In January 2017, he produced a paper on the costs and benefits of leaving the euro for Italy, which caused such a sensation that a year later Guglielmi’s name was used for state treasury management under the new Lega-M5S government.

In 2019, there was a transition Gugliels in Rome to assume the responsibility of the head of CIB for merger operations in the world of public companies. In a press release issued on Monday 8/8, Mediobanca thanks him for his contribution to the growth of the bank’s value. (All rights reserved)


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