Mediocredito Centrale, the reorganization of Popolare di Bari and Orvieto begins


A lean group at the operational level “to be closer to the territories”. But also more efficient to face the challenges of the sector, the banking sector, which is undergoing a profound transformation. And he says he’s “ready to take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise.” Mediocredito Centrale, led by CEO and CEO Francesco Minotti, is launching an important internal organizational reorganization involving two subsidiary banks, namely the former Banca Popolare di Bari (now BdM Banca) and Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto.


The decision, approved in July but which came into effect yesterday, essentially provides for a rationalization aimed at “centralizing” some of the main corporate functions of the two banks in the parent company, thereby freeing up resources for the future. In particular, the reorganization includes taking over the control and personnel functions of two banking groups of Mcc companies and strengthening business activities in the area and relations with stakeholders in the subsidiaries.

The centralized functions of both groups will now be transferred to the parent company, such as internal audit, risk control, budget management, finance, planning and control, corporate governance, but also purchasing, business continuity, facility management, organization, project management office and labor relations. In short, one head for two banks. “The two legal entities BdM Banca and Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto will continue to exist and work autonomously – Minotti explains to Sole 24Ore in his first interview since his appointment at the top of the Mcc – but this step is essential to ensure greater efficiency. and focus on commercial activities and support of the territory”.

BdM Banca will strengthen its role as a commercial bank. On the agenda is the creation of a Small Business retail unit, the establishment of a business and corporate support unit and the creation of two new business centers in Rome and Milan to strengthen commercial penetration in these areas. In this way, Mcc “succeeds in consolidating synergies between the organizational structures of the parent company and subsidiaries and improving the efficiency of the group by optimizing the use of economies of scale and skills”. The people dedicated to functions linked to the operation – about 180 between Bdm and Orvieto – will join the parent company from a legal point of view, but will remain active in their territories.

Towards an industrial plan

For Mcc, what is happening now is an important step. Also because it is a preparation for the implementation of the new industrial plan, which will be presented between February and March. The current plan for 2022-2025 is actually being revised due to the changed macroeconomic context, the sharp rise in rates and the arrival of Minotti at the end of April. At the center of the new strategy of the banking institution, which is 100% owned by Invitalia, a government agency controlled by the MEF, will be “attention to the South and SMEs, the traditional points of focus” of the institute, “with a particular focus on ESG issues,” Minotti explains. For the former BPM banker, the ambition of the new Mcc will be “to find a synthesis between a traditional commercial bank that operates in the territories and a matrix of public control”. To this end, “ad hoc measures and tools will be developed to support businesses, starting with Mcc’s experience as a central guarantee fund manager”.


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