Mercedes CLA Shootingbrake: trendy station wagon and 20 km/l diesel – test


Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake it’s a fusion between classic and iconic station wagons – cars now partially destroyed by SUVs – and the ever-popular sports cars coupe. A smart mix that reaffirms the German company’s intention to cover all possible market segments with modern, technological designs capable of bordering on perfection in their respective sectors. The CLA SB is renewed with light facelift mid-career, bearer targeted measures aimed at rejuvenating his appearance. The range of engines is now completely electrified, partially confirming the range of the previous edition, while inside it further simplifies the cockpit and increases the contribution of elegance and digitization. However, the price list with starting prices also grows with the equipment from 44,018 euros.

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Design and dimensions

The proportions and appearance of the Mercedes CLA SB, capable of offering a modern reinterpretation of the family car concept, remain unchanged. The lines I am efficient and aggressive, with soft and sharp shapes at the same time. The aim of the designers is aerodynamic efficiency and you can easily feel the approach towards making it almost resemble streamlines. The hood is low and pointed, while the tail is devoid of any truncated line to accompany the rearward airflow without generating drag. In this regard, the front is sharper, with more expression in the central area. Also new is the design of the daytime light signature of the headlights, LED as standard and with matrix beam as an option, with Digital Light technological headlights from the star manufacturer. The design is also new alloy wheelswith updated scope and dimensions from 17 to 20″ depending on the setting.

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With versions AMG series it also gets a sportier design with specific bumpers, aerodynamic accessories and a lower ground clearance, with a more supported and stiffer special setup. Also their debut in the back are new LED headlights, more elegant and simpler in shape, while the chrome bezels for the fake exhausts at the bottom have been reaffirmed. In addition, the tested sample is equipped with the “Night” package, which makes all the chrome around the window area glossy black (always frameless, in the style of a pure coupe), mirror covers and other details. The dimensions they don’t go through changes, always Length 4.70m 1.86 m wide and only 1.44 m high. The weight increases slightly, also thanks to the presence of an automatic transmission as standard for all engines, starting from just under 1500 kg in running condition.

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Interiors and technology

The interior does not undergo any special changes compared to the outgoing model, it offers a minimal, modern and almost baroque concept with the aim of surprising the driver and passengers. Change in a radical way depending on the setting, which boasts different materials, seat shapes, steering wheels, door trims and even the presence of soft multi-colored LED lights. Standard for all versions though 7″ digital instrumentation and Display the central part of the system 10.25″ MBUX. Alternatively, a 10.25″ digital instrument cluster is also available from the Progressive Advanced Plus trim level. There is also the option to have sports seats (with AMG Line settings), sports steering wheel with perforated leather with a new design, electronically adjustable seats, two-zone automatic air conditioning, but also wireless charging for your smartphone or panoramic and sunroof. They are also improving materials, especially considering the few hard plastics present on the door panel or in the lower part of the passenger compartment. The handle assemblies have also been improved, as well as the massiveness of the displays, which significantly reduces creaks and vibrations while driving.

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Some trim levels also include imitation leather on the upper part of the dashboard and doors, while on AMG Line models there is also technical suede fabric on the seats and on the inside of the doors. Space on board is always generous, enough for four passengers thanks to a transmission tunnel that shaves off inches for a fifth middle passenger. The sloping roof is not particularly restrictive for rear passengers, while the very generous rear space confirms strain: starting 505 liters, up to a maximum of 1,600 liters. A positive is the presence of a rear seat that can be split in a 40:20:40 pattern, with a central hatch essential for passing cargo. Among the novelties, we also note the presence of a new storage compartment on the center tunnel, instead of the previous touch pad, from which you could control the center screen instead: a change that I don’t feel is exactly welcome. It reduces practicality while driving and too many functions are always reduced to just the display.

Road test

We already know the dynamic behavior of modernity the MFA platform second generation. Solid, modern, electrifiable architecture capable of rewarding performance on the road. The CLA Shooting Brake does not disappoint either, a car that we appreciated mainly for its double soul. It does the work of a family station wagon perfectly without losing it sporty touch, typical for coupes. And in fact sitting His low, close to the ground, while the waist appears rather high on the hips. Steering feel is good, as is lean and more general handling. L’cut off His solid, also thanks to the specific calibration provided for the AMG series settings. It creates bumps on bumpy or broken road surfaces, as well as drier potholes, but rewards itself when you decide to drive more decisively. PUSH property road it’s really tall, with significant lateral support and plenty of stability, even at high speeds and in the fastest corners. Sound insulation is also good, thanks to really effective aerodynamics, capable of reducing external air noise as much as possible.

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However, the engine is the real star of this car. We are still talking about the timeless Mercedes OM654 diesel, the flagship of the brand’s technology. 2.0 4 cylinder turbo engine which in its declination 220 dcan develop well 190 hp and 400 Nm already at 1,600 rpm. Respectable values ​​that move easily 1,635 kg in running condition of this model, standard in combination with Automatic transmission 8G-DCT, an eight-speed dual clutch developed in-house by Mercedes. The pull is extremely linear and the engine is always able to “work” below 2000 rpm, which reduces consumption and emissions, also reducing noise inside the passenger compartment. However, there is no shortage of performance, as evidenced by 7.2 seconds necessary to go from 0 to 100 km/h or a maximum speed of 237 km/h. The haul is full-bodied, full of torque and suitable for a family trip, with air conditioning and a full load. The engine has never shown any critical problems, in any context, neither in the city nor in the non-urban terrain, in which it is able to directly engage the seventh gear above 75 km/h to work as efficiently as possible. possible. Also worthy of praise are the ADAS systems, which are intelligent and predictive and allow you to travel with extreme safety and relaxation.

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Consumption and prices

What is surprising, however, are above all consumptionwith an average higher than 18 km/l, which can further exceed 20 km/l if you often drive outside the city. On the highway it settles at the same values, but in the city it drops slightly to 16.5 km/l.

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Instead, we look at price liststhe CLA Shooting Brake figures begin from 44,018 euros for the Executive version, at the base of the range with a petrol four-cylinder turbocharged engine 1.3 with an output of 136 hp. For our example in AMG Line Premium equipment, the entry price is 58,880 euros, without optional extras and other accessories. The price tag has certainly grown compared to the past, but many standard extras have been introduced on any trim level, as well as a new design, standard automatic transmission for all engines, and greater technology benefits.

Final thoughts

The New CLA Shooting Brake is an extremely versatile car, capable of satisfying the needs of a young family or being a contemporary and youthful representative car. Depending on the several trim levels, it is possible to configure the car that best suits your needs and choose a sportier or more elegant style. Lots of technology, extremely efficient engines and really generous space on board, including a trunk that can hold everything you need for a classic summer getaway, with friends or family. However, pay attention to the price lists, which have increased significantly compared to the past, as well as the fittings and technologies available for all devices.


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