Mercedes, the car drives itself: how it works


Mercedes It is taking rapid steps towards autonomous driving. Mercedes-Benz is the first to get the green light to add turquoise lights to vehicles to warn nearby road users of driverless traffic. Initial testing sessions will take place in California and Nevada. In early 2023, the company received approval to offer Level 3 autonomous technology through Drive Pilot mode.

No one else before them passed the test of the national authorities, which still remains a unique case of its kind. Like other advanced systems in development, drivers can take their hands off the wheel in certain situations. Unlike previous solutions until now, the driver was not allowed to take his eyes off the road. Of course, the move to fully autonomous driving will take some time if it’s ever achieved, but it’s still a huge achievement.

Mercedes: turquoise lights indicating self-driving vehicles

Mercedes autonomous driving

To signal to other motorists on the highway that the vehicle is in autonomous mode, the company has begun testing side lights. This signal serves to immediately recognize the situation. But why was the choice made for a turquoise shade? The company representatives themselves explained it: no one has adopted it yet, so they think it’s good to try to stand out. In addition, the color is highly visible and stands out from other bright colors already used on passenger vehicles.


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