Mercedes with exterior marker lights, is the first to be allowed


Twist at home Mercedes, the German automaker was the first in the world to receive approval for external marker lights for automated driving. OK came from two US states, Nevada and California. Let’s take a look at what this technology has to offer and why it could be especially useful for everyone.

More safety for automated driving

There is agreement from two important US states USA. California’s permit allows testing of vehicles equipped with these lights for an initial two-year period, while Nevada’s permit covers 2026 production models until the law change takes effect. These exterior lights are integrated into the front and rear lights, but also into the two exterior mirrors. Such lights they are turquoise in color and indicate that the car is subject to autonomous driving. Basically, this technology is used to indicate to others that the car is automated.

The purpose is to wake up Attention from other motorists and pedestrians, and naturally increase road safety. The first use case for these lights will be Drive Pilot, the world’s first Level 3 system for autonomous driving with international approval. Drive Pilot, certified in Germany in 2021 and in Nevada and California in 2023, is already available to order at home and is now the technology for automated control already verified by numerous tests and therefore commonly accepted as 100% safe.

Mercedes, new side lights

A choice for many turquoise it may be a little unusual, but from a series of careful analyzes and tests, we decided to use this color because it immediately attracts the attention of other drivers and therefore perfectly fulfills its main task, which is to alert others that the car in question is an automated drive. Mercedes even aims to standardize the use of turquoise, contributing to the global understanding and acceptance of this color technique.

It will probably take a while for us in Italy, but as of today we know that if we see a Mercedes-Benz with turquoise lights on the sides, then it is autonomous driving. After all, the ever-increasing use of technology is something we have to get used to, and it could also be a significant advantage for cars, given that artificial intelligence is now promising to build cars in a matter of months. We’ll see.


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