Metaverse, one born to study biotechnology


Bring together different stakeholders in the food sector humanitiespromotionopen innovation and reinforcement dialogue between research and businessis what enables the cycle of innovation to start, and this is equally true of the fact that the meeting place is a physical space i digital. Or maybe both. And taking the opportunity to explore new avenues and open up new perspectives for health and well-being is the goal MetTradesa new fully digital space Advanced Life Sciences Cluster in Italy (actually Alisei) which is dedicated to networks and which is located in meta versionas the name itself suggests.

Developed in collaboration with TechStar under the Meta Presence platform, MetAlisei was created to offer a 3D networking experience. “It’s the first time that a institutional entity like the trade winds (national technology cluster created by the Ministry of University and Research, ed.) is launching with its own metaverse platform, demonstrating that there is dynamism and desire in the world of life sciences to seize the potential of innovation in the service of health”, explains k Wired Massimiliano Boggettopresident of the Cluster. “The basic idea is to create a space open to change, able to adapt to the needs of all users of our network and keep up with technological development”.

The platform offers industry operators the opportunity to present rich multimedia content thanks to the potential of meta-version, support their initiatives and gather the interest of potential partner AND investors. All with support automated avatars AND digital twin able to offer ongoing support and guidance through the digital space.

Transforming research into healthcare solutions

If the combination of health and metaversion brings to mind experiments of a different kind, such as the treatment of phobias or the treatment of pain, in this case the potential of the digital dimension is highlighted. serve the innovation ecosystemin a space that acts as a bridge between different entities and at the same time as a slide to opportunities for physical encounters. “In order for innovation to be defined as such, it must have positive and concrete consequences about people’s health and well-being”continues Boggetto. “As Alisei, we try to promote ourselves technological transferstarting with the creation of an ecosystem in which research, industry AND finance can meet and do networking“.

“After all, research needs a a show of their innovationsindustry access and present themselves in these worlds and finance to recognize the most virtuous reality and small businesses capable of promoting sustainable progress”. However, only recently have financial players joined this network: “The path of innovation in medicine is capital intensivecomments the president “so much so that it is unthinkable to move between a strict regulatory system and detailed and complex clinical trials without sufficient capital”.

But why turn on a new metaverse right now? “After the Covid-19 pandemic, the platforms are more usable and above all the perception has changed, as awareness has been created that not everything has to be done in personand faith is beginning to spread metaversion is a space where you can not only playbut making acquaintances, establishing contacts and experiencing intense experiences”answers Boggetto. “A more advanced platform than a traditional database expands opportunities and also allows you to personalize rooms and make them more attractive. For example, researchers have possibility to make the project more attractive and personalize the virtual room to enhance your particular innovation”.


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