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After the Föhn expected between today and Saturday, a pressure and temperature inversion is expected to return from Christmas Day to Christmas Day. Snow and winter are once again postponed, but it seems that something is in the works for the last days of the year (photo by Marco Virgilio)
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The weather that will accompany us during the Christmas holidays can now be well defined. No white Christmas and two clearly recognizable phases, both dictated by the movements of the Atlantic anticyclone.

If northerly currents prevail until Sunday, aloft dry, of polar origin, but not at all cold, between Christmas and Christmas Day the pressure will be higher realistic to dictate its law with a moderate climate at altitude and temperature inversions in the plains and valleys.

Weather development: from Mistral winds to high pressure

A large Atlantic anticyclone with heights high above the Azores is currently fairly extended to the north. Instead, the trough between the Arctic and the Balkans is active. The simultaneous action of these two configurations will favor a strong northwesterly currentshumid north of the Alps, drier in the Po Valley and most Italian regions.
High pressure during the Christmas holidays it will blow to the north and spread to the east, it will also include Italy with rather mild air masses, which will support the stagnation of moisture and in some areas of pollutants with the onset of temperature inversions.

Mistral and Föhn until Saturday

Between today and Saturday, a strong northwesterly flow will develop at high altitude over Italy with different impacts on the territory. Winds in excess of 140 km/h are expected on Friday in the central western Alps, at an altitude of around 3,000 metres. while on land the strongest gusts will be along the axis between the Gulf of Lion, Sardinia and the Strait of Sicily with maximums of up to 100/120 km/h. Always On Friday, clouds will increase over northern Sardinia and along the Tyrrhenian slopes between Campania, Calabria and northern Sicilylow clouds sometimes accompanied by rain.

Sunny or changeable weather in other areas except for larger accumulations in the border Alps associated with rain or snow above 1000 meters. In the Central Eastern Alps, the phenomena could break through a little further south to the Prealps.

Due to the effect of the falling wind is expected temperatures rising in the north with maximum values ​​up to 17/19 degrees in Piedmont ed Emilia Romagnavalues ​​found only in the extreme south.

Saturday similar situation to Friday, but with gradually weakening wind and further improvement of the weather in the alpine areas on the south side. Part cloud will still be possible in the southern Tyrrhenian regions, but with sporadic or no events. Temperatures are always mild, especially in the Po Valley, the Adriatic and the far south.

Eve brings us high pressure

On Sunday, June 24, the pressure will increase, it will be almost clear in the northto the central-southern Adriatic and southern Ionian regions on the central-southern slopes of the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the larger islands, more moisture will stagnate in the lower layers with local fogs and medium-low patchy clouds. Maximum temperatures are decreasing slightly, but still above average in all regions.

The trend of Christmas and the Christmas holiday: temperature inversion

On Christmas Day, the high pressure will favor an increase in low clouds in Liguria, especially in the east, in the Po valley and on most of the valleys and coasts on the south-central side of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The sunniest weather we find it in the Alpine mountains, with the exception of moderate concentrations in the northeast, high in the Apennines, and in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea regions.

Even grayer weather in the lower layers on Christmas Day in the north across much of the Po plain to the Pre-Alps, in the valleys and along the coast of the center, south and large islands on slopes exposed to south-westerly moist gusts expected in the lower layers, locally associated with light rain or drizzle.

But when will the weather change? Snow? Rain? Cold?

Clues lead us to the finale of the last week of the year, especially between the 29th and New Year’s Eve, intrusions of depression could bring some rain and snow to the mountains in different Italian regions.

At this point, nothing is certain about the scenario analysis File it certainly cannot support good reliability of this possible turning point. However, it seems difficult to talk about the coldmore reasonably we can expect return to the average values ​​of the period at the end of the month.


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