Mysterious Chinese Spacecraft ‘Signals’ Over North America


After the recent launch of a Chinese space shuttle called the Shenlong into orbit, unspecified “signals” were detected over the North American region. As it orbits Earth, Shenlong (named after a dragon spirit from Chinese mythology) is surrounded by five mysterious objects. The US Space Force, the US military that monitors events in space, monitors these objects without releasing details about their purpose.

Monitored. Meanwhile, Scott Tilley, an amateur astronomer known for observing orbiting objects, was examining the signals sent by the space shuttle. The signals themselves appear to be picking up in some parts of North America, fueling speculation following the earlier US downing of a Chinese object suspected of spying.

Tilley works with S2A Systems, a Swiss group specializes in observing space in the optical band, i.e. in the visible, and the collaboration has been tracking the aircraft since its launch on December 15.

Marked items. The U.S. Department of Defense designated the five objects carried into orbit by the Shenlong as B through F, and designated the Shenlong itself as “Object A.” Object B, on the other hand, was “very bright” and showed “characteristics that would indicate an upper stage of the missile,” according to S2A Systems.

Object C appears to be a faint fragment that is spinning rapidly. Object F is also quite “bland”, but no rotation has been detected yet. “We’ll be doing more measurements in the coming weeks,” says S2A System. Objects E and D are believed to be satellites launched into orbit by the Space Shuttle, although very little is known about them.

Did he have to control his opponents? An announcement in the Chinese press described the spacecraft’s purpose as providing “technical support for the peaceful use of space,” but Chinese authorities have kept the details under wraps, as have U.S. officials regarding their craft. X-37B (already the protagonist of the mission in the past, covered by considerable confidentiality) departing from Cape Canaveral.

In fact, on the eve of the launch of the Chinese space plane, the United States was planning to launch its “spy” plane. The US launch was then postponed and is currently scheduled for Friday, December 29th at 2am Italian time).

It’s not a coincidence. The US believes it may not be a coincidence that the Chinese launch was scheduled for this day.

“The ability to put something into orbit, have it do some tasks and research, and bring it home is something that is extremely advanced,” said Gen. Chance Saltzman, Space Force chief of space operations. “No wonder the Chinese are extremely interested in our space plane,” he said. “And we are extremely interested in them,” he emphasized, referring to these unmanned and reusable orbital spy planes.


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