NASA found (and photographed) tomatoes that were lost in space


Last year, NASA started on board International Space Stationthe XROOT experiment (followed by others of the same nature), to grow seedlings at the base and harvest the fruits, “with a view to future space exploration missions”. Everything is beautiful: including the astronaut Frank Rubio he picked two tomatoes and sealed them in a vacuum bag for later analysis. Except that for some reason the bag of tomatoes was then suddenly disappeared: fortunately, NASA said, it appeared a few days ago. “Despite the fact that about a year has passed since the tomatoes disappeared – the space agency explained – fruits were found. They were dehydrated, slightly crushed and slightly discolored. But other than that, they showed no signs of mold or microbial growth.”. Unfortunately no details about Where occurred during discovery.

Another curious aspect of the issue concerns the fact that Rubio (who has since returned to Earth) talked about loss one tomato: Apparently he must have greeted the news of the discovery with jubilation, even as his colleagues jokingly accused him of secretly eating it/them. In any case, as we mentioned, XROOT was followed by other experiments of the same nature: for example, VEG-05, which grew (other) dwarf tomatoes, and Planet Habitat-03, “One of the first multigenerational studies of plants on board the space station – explains NASA – which could help researchers evaluate whether genetic adaptations occurring in one generation of crops can be transferred to subsequent generations.”. The Habitat-03 race is currently aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft awaiting its return to Earth next month. “The benefits of growing plants in space go beyond these specific aspects – concluded by the US space agency – Time spent caring for plants also provides astronauts with psychological benefits, improving their quality of life in space and boosting their morale.”. Kind of like what happens on Earth.


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