New Huawei headphones that look like earrings


A pair of new headphones that can easily be exchanged for earrings, the Huawei FreeClip, a 13.2-inch tablet and a high-performance laptop. They are three new products which Huawei launched today in Dubai at an event at the intersection of creativity, technology and fashion.

The first ones, which are already available at the Chinese company’s store, are definitely the most original product of this trio. They have an ergonomic design designed based on the study of the anatomical shapes of more than 10 thousand human ears and based on the analysis of data from microergonomic tests. They support up to 36 hours of listening they are interchangeable, in the sense that they do not provide a distinction between left and right ears. It is therefore possible to wear both Huawei FreeClip earphones on both ears and optimize their battery life for longer periods of use, especially in cases where you only need one earphone, for example to quickly receive a voice call.

The Bean shaped design the part that contains the battery and chips (which you have to get used to to find the most comfortable position) adapts to the curvature and different shapes of the ear and adheres to the skin without discomfort. The adaptive sensor then allows the closing mechanism to be adjusted, reducing the pressure on the cartilage. Battery life – declared – is 8 hours of listening time on a single charge and 36 hours when using the case. FreeClips are also water, dust and splash resistant with an IP54 rating. Further a suppression pipe contributes to the sound reduce wind noise, an effective feature especially for those who practice outdoor sports such as cycling. The 10.8mm dual-magnet drivers are housed in a round part called the Acoustic Ball, which does not need to be inserted deep into the ear, but remains “open”, with reverse sound wave technology that reduces the effect of distant sound waves and sound dispersion.

Huawei FreeClip are available in colors from today black and purple for a price of 199.90 euros and until December 31st, when you buy FreeClips you will automatically get a free Huawei Band 8 smart bracelet.

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