New increase in temperatures, mild climate also at Christmas


AGI – New increase in temperatures over the weekend withhigh pressure, which will also prevail during the Christmas week. In the coming days, the cold air will move towards the Balkans, but without significant impacts on Italy, while the northerly flow will affect the Alpine chain and bring a few snowflakes at medium altitudes along the border sectors. Light rain will also affect the lower coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and large islands. Between Saturday and Sunday temperatures in a new increase above season averages of even 6-8 degrees with a mild climate which will be felt especially at altitude. The latest updates from the Italian Meteo Center confirm the anti-cyclonic dominance over the central Mediterranean also during the Christmas holiday week. However, it won’t be just sunshine, because fog and low clouds will also return to the valley, coast and plain. With only New Year’s Eve in mind, bad weather may return, but the time distance is still too long to predict.

Weather forecast for today


In the morning, large areas of clear skies and banks of fog are expected in the Po valley. In the afternoon, irregular clouds move to the northeast, occasional showers in the Aosta Valley. In the evening and at night, precipitation is expected on the border hills, snow above 1300-1500 meters.

On Wednesday

Mostly sunny in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, a gradual increase in clouds is expected over the Tyrrhenian regions. Weather unchanged elsewhere.

In the south and on the islands

Stable weather in the morning with irregular clouds. Large clearings are expected in the afternoon, except for a small density in western Sardinia. In the evening, showers are expected on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the large islands. Dry variability elsewhere. Minimum temperatures stable or rising in the mid-south, falling in the north. Maximum without significant deviations.

Weather forecast for tomorrow


In the morning stable weather with clear skies and banks of fog in the eastern Po Valley, local phenomena in the Alps with snow above 1000-1300 meters. No significant changes are expected in the afternoon. In the evening and at night, stable weather will resume with clear or partly cloudy skies, fog and low clouds in the eastern sectors.

On Wednesday

In the morning, stable weather in all regions with clear or slightly cloudy skies and greater density on the Tyrrhenian side. Mostly sunny skies in the afternoon, local concentration between Tuscany and Umbria. Evening In the evening, stable weather conditions are restored with clear or partly cloudy skies, fog and low clouds between Umbria and Tuscany.

In the south and on the islands

In the morning many clusters along the Tyrrhenian sectors and the main islands with possible drizzle, elsewhere clear or partly cloudy. No significant changes are expected in the afternoon. Stable weather will resume in the evening with clear skies over the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and low concentration of clouds elsewhere. Minimum and maximum temperatures generally increase from north to south.

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