New Moonwalkers motorized sandals


At CES 2024 the new generation of Moonwalkers motorized sandals i.e., an unusual wearable transportation system that looks like a kind of hybrid between a pair of shoes and roller skates. The restyling of the curious product by Shift Robotics removes four of the ten original wheels, lightens the construction and aims to increase safety and ease of use. The price will remain high, perhaps the most important limitation of this project.

Moonwalkers debuted in 2022 and immediately generated a lot of interest as they sought a completely new approach to sustainable travel in the city. Instead of today’s widespread scooters or evergreen bikes, these special sandals can be put on without having to take off your shoes and secure them with various laces. Once you master the technique of accelerating, braking and cornering (without crashing), it promises turbo boost normal walking up to 2.5x as if you were on a Tapis Roulant continuously on roads and sidewalks. At its core is an integrated electric drive system that dramatically increases speed with each step, similar to pedal assist on motorized bicycles. The new version will be called Moonwalkers X and will reduce the weight and thickness of the main structure, eliminate four wheels, bringing the total to six.

The control systems were also redesigned for a simpler and more natural interaction that promises less time to master the “steering” technique and facilitates very tight turns. Additionally, they open the door to greater customization of aesthetics. The producers of Shift Robotics reiterated that Moonwalkers can also be very useful in certain professional fields, such as transporting objects or for couriers who have to move and deliver boxes and types of packaging. The final price has not yet been announced, but it will be approximately the same 1200 euros the first version: this is today the great limitation of a very original and curious gadget that also aims to entertain, but which risks remaining an extremely specialized product.


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