Nvidia H100 is the most innovative product of 2023: the card that revolutionized AI


Basically, it can be defined as the most innovative product of 2023 and it could only be associated with artificial intelligence, which is the most important trend of the year that is now coming to an end. It is about Nvidia H100a professional graphics card that went on sale at the beginning of 2023 and behind which there is a clear acceleration in development of large language models core AI projects like ChatGPT.

This hardware component has exponentially improved its performance compared to the same type of processor of the previous generation, making it indispensable for all the largest companies engaged in the development of models and services based on artificial intelligence. Within months, the card was so difficult to find that it fetched prices on secondary markets in excess of approx 40,000 euros from the list.

Designed for artificial intelligence

To define the H100 simply as a graphics card is an understatement, as it is actually a gpgpu (Universal graphics processor) or data processing unit that can be used data centers dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence models. In short, it’s not designed to play like its relatives from the Rtx family – in fact, it doesn’t even integrate video outputs – but it takes care of tasks such as AI training intended for example for natural conversation or for generating realistic text or images. The Nvidia H100 is the foundation of infrastructures involved in extremely complex workflows and has the advantage of speeding up processes, improving quality and reliability.

A real boon for companies operating in this sector, all the big names in tech from Alphabet (Google) to Meta, but also Amazon, Oracle and of course OpenAI, who have been bulk ordering the card as well. like supercomputers with multiple integrated units working in parallel. The sensational growth of Nvidia’s value during 2023 is therefore no surprise. to more than a trillion dollars, with the value of the data center division quadrupling to $14.5 billion in the last quarter compared to last year. The Nvidia H100 blazed a trail in the growth of AI, a trail that will continue even more intensely in 2024.


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