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‘One Life’, the true story of Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved hundreds of Jewish children during the Second World War, has arrived in Italian bookshops, and on December 21 the film of the same name, starring Anthony Hopkins, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Flinn. The book, published by Garzanti and translated by Sara Caraffini and Giuseppe Maugeri, would never have been written if Barbara Winton, Nicholas’s daughter, had not accidentally found the names of the rescued children in her father’s diaries.
The year is 1988. The studio of the famous show That’s Life! The BBC is busy. Nicholas Winton sits in the audience: nearly eighty years old, wearing one of his best suits and a silk tie. He has no idea that he is about to meet some of the children, now adults, that he saved in 1939. More precisely, 669 Czechoslovak children who without his help would have ended up in carriages headed for concentration camps and who instead found refuge on trains bound for Great Britain.
A story of courage that touched everyone, which began with a request for help from the English Committee for Refugees, who invited Nicholas to visit Czechoslovakia instead of a holiday. At that time, not even thirty years old, Winton did not hesitate for a second to travel to Europe, aware of the rampant anti-Semitism of the Nazi party. He knew he had to move quickly to save as many lives as possible, so he organized a large-scale operation called the Kindertransport – never giving up in the face of difficulties and following the principle: ‘If something is not impossible, then there is always a way to achieve it’.
For years Winton kept quiet because he always thought he had done nothing special. Keen campaigner Barbara Winton, who died in 2022, continued her father’s work supporting refugee children through the Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust to ensure Nicholas’ life inspired others for good.

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