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OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGpt Artificial Intelligence software, is gearing up to break another record for 2023. As Bloomberg reports, in fact, the unicorn led by Sam Altman and currently valued at $29 billion, would be in talks with investors to close an investment round at a valuation 100 billion dollars. Data that, if confirmed, would bring a startup in which Microsoft has already announced investments over 10 billion in a very short list of unicorns worth over 100 billion, second only to ByteDance (Tik Tok) with 225 billion and SpaceX (by Elon Musk) to 150.

A plausible proposition

Investors potentially involved in the new maxi investment bikeaccording to what we have learned Bloomberg, would still be in the preliminary dialogue stage, and Sam Altman and his entourage are still completely tight-lipped. However, rumors of the closing of an important round for OpenAI have been circulating for some time. Sext Bloomberg he recently talked about a possible billion-dollar investment that would bring the company’s valuation 86 billion.

And if it was mentioned…

Whether the investment closes in the coming days or weeks or not, the fact remains that the exponential growth of OpenAI has attracted a number of large investors, of which the aforementioned Microsoft is just the most important. It’s impossible not to wonder that the startup that created ChatGpt wanted one day continue with the menu: if the award rumors were to be confirmed, OpenAI would already be (obviously unlisted) among the 150 most capitalized companies in the world, above UBS and Citi and just below Allianz. (All rights reserved)


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