Operation against TV piracy, 21 suspects and site blocking


AGI – Twenty one people are being investigated AND block immediate del illegal flow IPTV and live streaming sites of the most famous TV platforms. It is the balance of the operation against TV piracy against the so-called “pezzotti” of the police and the coordinated DDA of the prosecution in Catania.

Several Postal Police cyber security operations centers were involved numerous searches and confiscation in the entire territory of the state against the members of one of them transnational criminal organization which would have a monthly profit of several million euros.

The investigation led by the District Attorney’s Office of the capital Etna was launched by the Operation Center for cyber security Catania, with the direct coordination of Rome’s postal police service, made it possible to outline “the existence of a criminal organization organized in a hierarchical manner according to distinct and very specific roles and with organizers distributed throughout the country and abroad, with the aim constant distributionto a very high number of users, both nationally and internationally live programming and on-demand content protected by TV rights, owned by the most famous TV platforms such as Sky, Dazn, Mediaset, Amazon Prime, Netflixthrough an illegal IPTV system with monthly profits of several million euros”.

The illegal action, points out the Catania DDA, “was consumed for a long time and was interrupted thanks to the ongoing operation”.
In order to avoid the investigation, the suspects, according to the prosecutor, “used requests encrypted messagesfictitious identities and fake documents” which were “also used to register phone numbers, credit cards, TV subscriptions and server rentals”.

He discovered the presence of channels, groups, accounts, forums, blogs and profiles on various social platforms that advertised the sale of streams, panels and monthly subscription for illegal browsing audiovisual content also accessible through numerous illegal “live streaming” sites.

There are currently 21 people under investigation between Catania, Messina, Syracuse, Cosenza, Alessandria, Naples, Salerno, Reggio Emilia, Pisa, Lucca, Livorno and Bari, accused of crimes by the Etna prosecutor’s office in various capacities criminal organization of a transnational nature aimed at the distribution of television programs with conditional access, damage to information, data and computer programs, unauthorized access to a computer system, computer fraud.

The operation, which enlisted the help of employees of cyber security centers in Reggio Calabria, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Bari, made it possible to prevent the illegal flow of IPTV and live streaming sites. .

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