PA Services hacked, ransom demanded


AGI – Attack ransomware from a Russian hacking group Lockbit for public administration services. From what Agi understands from informal sources, the attack has been admitted. In recent days, they have been targeted by administrations that use Westpole services. Ransom demands would arrive cryptocurrencies the provider that hosts the services of Pa Digitale, a private company of the Buffetti group and that serves 1300 users of the Italian public administration.

L’National Cyber ​​Security Agency “has been in contact with Westpole SpA and PA Digitale SpA for several days to provide them with maximum support in the detention poor service due to a ransomware cyber attack by the Russian-language hacking group Lockbit 3.0″, ACN said in a statement.

“The work carried out enabled the recovery of all affected services as well as the recovery of the data that was the subject of the attack for more than 700 national and local public entities connected to the supply chain PA Digital SpA. For the remaining administrations – they are approx 1,000 public entities contractually linked to PA Digitale SpA. for the provision of management services of various kinds – there remains a need to recover data from the period 3 days before the attack that occurred on December 8. it should also be specified – explains Acn – as confirmed by PA Digitale itself, that the activity carried out allows us to avoid the feared, non-payment of wages December and the thirteenth for the benefit of the employees of some indirectly affected local administrations. Finally, the slowdown in digital services that occurred this morning is due to concurrent access congestion and is not a direct result of a cyber attack.”

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