Palermo, chaos in the city council: the head of the FdI group jumps to the presidency – Italy –


A meeting of the Palermo City Council this morning at the Palazzo Comitini – a temporary seat due to the work on the Palazzo delle Aquile – ended in chaos due to a dispute that broke out between Giuseppe Milazzo, MEP and leader of the Brothers of Italy group, and Deputy Vice-President of the Council Giuseppe Mancuso (Let’s work for Palermo) , who at the time was leading the proceedings in the Chamber in place of President Giulio Tantillo, and who was forced to end the session a few minutes after it began.

Milazzo, faced with a request to intervene, which Mancuso did not comply with, first went to the government benches and then jumped to the presidential bench, taking the microphone from the vice-president, who decided to end the session after repeated warnings. jobs. “What happened in the House today is the result of the anomalous management of the City Council, where the regulatory provisions and decisions taken by the conference of the leading groups are often disregarded regarding the time limits to which the Council is called upon to hesitate in the exclusive interest of the City,” he says Milazzo.

In a note, the 14 opposition councilors in the Palermo city council are asking for “the intervention of the mayor and prefect of Palermo to ensure the proper functioning of the city council, interrupted today due to an unprecedented clash between the majority councillors”. “The deep crisis of the majority, already highlighted in its numerous absences – the note continues – has turned the city council chamber into a ‘battlefield’, preventing the discussion of pressing issues such as nightlife, security, basic city services provided by invested companies and preliminary budget documents. In this turbulent stagnation, the city is left to decay without any response to its many needs”.


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