Parliament’s Finance Committee reviews Finance Bill 2024: A deep dive into the nation’s economic future


Parliament’s Finance Committee reviews Finance Bill 2024: A deep dive into the nation’s economic future

Parliament’s finance, general economy and planning committee is scrutinizing the Finance Bill for fiscal year 2024. This legislative process plays a pivotal role in setting the economic compass for the coming year, which determines the allocation of government resources across various sectors. This scrutiny of financial law is not just a routine government process, but a critical cog in the wheel of national financial management and planning.

Decoding the Finance Bill 2024

The Finance Bill 2024 was signed into law by President Biya on 19 December 2023 after it passed scrutiny in Parliament during the November session. The state budget for 2024 is 6,740 billion 100 million FCFA, an increase of 13.2 billion FCFA compared to the current state budget. The increase in the budget will support structural projects, improve living conditions, support the policy of import substitution, strengthen the agricultural sector and help in the reconstruction of regions affected by the crisis. The 2024 Finance Law also emphasizes the acceleration of the decentralization process, allocating a budget of more than 100 billion FCFA for it.

Scrutiny of a bill: a vital legislative responsibility

The Finance Committee is charged with the crucial task of examining the proposed Finance Bill in detail. The bill proposes a significant increase in defense spending totaling 562 billion shekels, with an increase of 30 billion shekels earmarked for defense. The committee has the weighty responsibility of dissecting a bill, recommending amendments where necessary and providing insights before it is brought to Parliament for a vote.

Impact: Driving economic development and progress

The committee’s decisions and recommendations will undeniably cast a long shadow on the country’s economic trajectory and financial stability. The resulting state budget, influenced by this review, will significantly guide the country’s economic policy, social programs, infrastructure and overall fiscal policy for the coming year. The proposed increase in defense spending, prompted by the ongoing conflict, brings the total budget for 2024 to an expected 562 billion shekels. This review process and its results will shape the country’s economic policy and public services in the coming year.


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