Pensions, average increase of 5.4%: here is the news for 2024


Treatment of the minimum reference pension Insp this year it amounts to 598.61 euros due to the revaluation of 5.4% applied to last year’s amount. On the basis of the new value, approved by circular 1/2022, the application bands of the inflation index for treatment exceeding four times the minimum are defined, which are partially adapted to the change in the cost of living. For this purpose, if a person receives several pensions, their total amount is considered as the percentage increase to be recognized.

Pensions amount to 103

Pensions amount to 103 from this year they can be paid with a maximum gross monthly amount not exceeding 2,394.44 euros (four times the minimum payment), while the ceiling of five times the minimum valid for quota 103 version 2023 and advance contributions is 2,993.05 euros.

As a result of Article 1, Paragraph 310 of Act 197/2022, an additional increase of 2.7 percentage points will be applied this year in addition to 5.4 percent for pensions equal to or lower than the minimum. It follows that benefits up to 598.61 euros will benefit from the double increase and that the minimum payment will reach 614.77 euros.

Social contribution

The value of the social contribution, which amounts to 534.41 euros in 2024, is also adjusted. As of this year, this amount is also the minimum required to access contributory old-age pensions at the age of 67. Instead, the minimum required amount for the advance payment is 1,603.23 euros (3 times the social allowance), reduced to 1,496.35 euros for women with one child (2.8 times the social allowance) and 1,389.47 euros for women with at least two children. .

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Contribution only

The taxable wage ceiling for workers subject exclusively to the supplementary pension insurance calculation method is another jump up: from last year’s 113,520.00 euros, it increases to 119,650.00 euros. We remind you that, due to the ceiling, no levies are payable on the part of the salary that exceeds the limit.


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