Pirelli P Zero is ‘Tire of the Year’ at the 2023 Car Awards


It’s recognition time Pirelli P Zero Ethe new UHP tire that is a concentrate of technology and sustainability, awarded as “Tire of the year” (Prix Point S) at the Automobile Awards held in Paris. The sixth year of the event, which brought together 53 brands, including car manufacturers and suppliers to the four-wheel industry, toAutomobile Club of France in Paris. The Automobile Awards jury of 20 men and 20 women decided to honor the Pirelli P Zero E for performance, innovation and sustainability.

Pirelli P Zero E structure

The P Zero E is a tire that uses the latest technical innovations designed by Pirelli to meet current trends in electric and sustainable mobility. To go into detail, we are talking about the first high-performance tire offered on the market with more than 55% materials of natural origin and recycled, which allowed to reduce the amount of materials derived from fossils and minerals (-12 kilograms per set of tires). further tire wear (in terms of mass loss) is reduced by 42% compared to Pirelli’s traditional high-performance products. This tire also debuted a specific logo that identifies each Pirelli tire it contains at least 50% sustainable materials. The P Zero E is also the first high performance to receive a triple A on the European nameplate for the entire range and offers high performance in both new and used condition. This product has been developed specifically for electric vehicles as it shows Marking “Elect”. on all sizes in this range, which is indicative of properties such as low rolling resistance and low noise. Debut on this tire also for Run forwarda technology created by Pirelli that allows you to continue your journey even in the event of a puncture (up to 40 km at 80 km/h) to get to the workshop in the shortest distance.

Tire development

Advanced virtualization techniques based on artificial intelligence, neural networks and driving simulations were essential in the design of this tire. The Pirelli R&D Department is increasingly relying on machine learning techniques to predict the performance of each tire in various driving conditions, even before a physical prototype is built. These simulation systems are able to predict the behavior of the tire based on previous developments, allowing us to design functional solutions.

Awards on board

He accepted the award Alejandro Recanses, CEO of Pirelli West Europe: “We are really proud to have won the “Tire of the Year” award. The P Zero E, which represents the new generation of Pirelli tires, is a very important milestone in our commitment to sustainability. Our ambitions and investments in the industry are strong: we are aiming for carbon neutrality in our industrial process by 2030 and we are pursuing evidence-based targets to decarbonize our supply chain.The new Pirelli P Zero E tire will initially be available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket from January 2024.


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