Pixel smartphones protect your data when you send them in for repair


THE Google Pixels they offer an interesting tool when needed take your smartphone in for repair this means a special mode that activates to give you three instant benefits. The first is to make it easier for users to use the diagnostic systems so that they can more easily track down the problem. The second and third refer instead to the user with the option put a nice lock on the data and protect them from both prying eyes and any unwanted deletion.

Google has introduced several new features on its Pixel smartphones, and among the most useful features is undoubtedly the repair mode, which can be activated if you have installed Android 14 and you have at least 2 GB of memory. The first tool is a diagnostic one, accessible by typing “#*#7287#*#” on the call pad, which returns checking all the most important parameters and vital components of the smartphone, to highlight any identified issues. Something that will also speed up communication and timing when you then contact assistance, thanks too updated technical manuals which then end up in the hands of those responsible for repairs or those who want to try DIY, with all the risks involved. From there, they are only available in English and French for now.

Before taking your smartphone for repair, it’s a good idea to do a complete backup of all data So by relying on the Disk or physical media, you can activate the repair mode:

  • go to Settings > System > Repair Mode,
  • you will therefore have to perform several steps that also include restarting your smartphone,

The smartphone will enter a simplified mode intended only for troubleshooting and testing correct operation, without accessing data, files, applications and documents in memory. The mode also protects against unexpected factory reset and users will definitely not appreciate it. You can return to the standard usage mode with classic accesses after turning off the device. Big brands are investing more and more resources in the repair sector: it’s a way to retain users and make them feel more considerate in case something goes wrong. It’s no coincidence that repairability and sustainability companies like Fairphone are growing fast and also inspiring big names like Apple itself with its do-it-yourself repair program.


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