Pnrr and maneuvering are the government’s priorities. From 2024 we will then think about the European elections


AGI – Government actions and negotiations with Europe are now in the spotlight. Regarding the Pnrr, from what we understand, the government is close to closing the issue with Brussels on the targets for the fifth installment funds, on the stability pact (in the background of the ESM, still on the agenda of the House, but the next leader of the group should decide to postpone the ratification next year), about the EU budget.

And from an internal point of view, the goal is to conclude the maneuver process without further shocks and worries. On the day that the president of the 5 Star Movement, Conte, is asking for a jury of honor because, in his opinion, the Prime Minister lied in the House on monthresponded the head of the executive to the secretary of the Democratic Party Schlein on the subject migrants. Not Conte. A move that further polarizes the conflict with the Democratic Party, with Meloni flatly denying that he wants to incite the audience on the immigration front and repeating that he wants to fight human traffickers, while the Nazarene number one replies that migrants “are not”. packages to be unloaded’.

A back and forth that took place on the exact day the bill was ratified between them Italy and Albania with an illustration of the expected expenses (“in the case of renewal of the Protocol within a five-year period, the related costs will be covered by a specific legislative provision”, we read in the previous article). The clash could also ‘move’ further beyond Italy’s borders.

The topic of European elections and possible candidacy for prime minister It sits on the table for weeks, if not months. But while the debate raged behind the scenes during the Atreju event, the prime minister has yet to officially dissolve the reservation. And probably, reports a parliamentary source from the FDI, he will not do so even on December 21, when the press conference at the end of the year is scheduled. It is possible that any white smoke will arrive in February.

It is not only a matter of thinking linked to the European scenario – the same source underlines – but also of the internal balance within the majority and the government. In FDI, many are betting on progress, after all the pressure is strong. No announcement is expected yet, the decision will be agreed with the allies. In short, we are taking our time at the moment, although the prospect of getting back on the pitch is getting brighter.

“Both the choice to run, which I think is the most likely, and not to run are legitimate,” Senate President La Russa said. The goal of the FDI election campaign is to shift the balance of power in Brussels to the right. Looking at the numbers. You look at the moves Macron and the European People’s Party with the belief that if Ekr If a pleasing result is recorded, the axis between the EPP and the Socialists may be broken and move towards a different type of alliance.

At the moment we are on the fringes, in a reissue of von der Leyen’s scheme, the Fdi would seek to act as an “outside stabber” in order to have even more control over the agenda. awareness that, especially in recent months, it was about the support of European institutions towards the government. Lega and FI are also waiting for the Prime Minister’s actions.

Salvini, emphasizes the “big” member of the Senate of the Via Bellerio party, responded to internal requests with the words “see you”. He will do what is needed for the good of the League, emphasizes the “ex Lumbard” senator. However, the same source points out that by entering the field as the leader of a female candidate, the prime minister risks “excessive polarization of the vote towards himself”.

Salvini also ran for office five years ago, but did so in the role of deputy prime minister, the “chorus”.

“On June 9 – the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure said today – they will not win the European elections, a revolution will take place in Europe led by the League.” In the party on Via Bellerio, there have been rumors for days about a candidacy, perhaps as leader, General Vannacci. A candidacy that remains unknown even as discussions have been going on for weeks. Waiting position also in FI. “We have to understand – says the Italian source – whether we want to ‘politicize’ the vote or not. We will talk about it later, either everyone or no one.” There is also a character motif in the background Dragons as a possible candidate for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. “It is difficult and premature to talk about it,” stressed Deputy Prime Minister Tajani.

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