Ranking: the best mid-range smartphones (December 2023)


That said, and given the cost to the end user, devices still need it know how to stand out from mass. Whether for charging speed, for the presence of a processor normally intended for the top line, for user experience, for an unusual price reduction or for other reasons.

The best of December 2023

We have updated ours top 5 per month December 2023, when the games for the current year can now be said to be essentially finished. The shelves haven’t been filled with particularly shocking news in recent weeks, but Black Friday and the holidays caused the prices of the most popular products in this price range to fluctuate, causing changes in our rankings as well.

In the following ranking, we try to keep several products in order: updated prices for devices that have been in the rankings since recent months, and new record which appeared recently, but which already deserve a place in the ranking.

Finally, in some cases there may be returns or overtakes motivated by the very price swings that gadgets have experienced in various ways in recent weeks; after all the same product offered with a difference of 150 euros an average gadget can become a must-have store.

First place in December is still up for grabs Samsung Galaxy A54, the acclaimed bestseller that saw the light in the first months of the year, but which has not yet ceased to shine in terms of quality and price, even thanks to the constant discounts it has suffered throughout the year. Another welcome piece of news for mid-2023 follows closely, namely Honor 90, a complete smartphone that immediately established itself among the best buys in this price category. The following are two related news from recent weeks, headed by Google Pixel 8: the basic variant of the new phone from Mountain View is a photographic wonder in a compact format that costs a lot compared to its mid-range competitors, but still promises a top smartphone experience for hundreds of euros less than its higher-end competitors. The second news at the end of 2023 is Xiaomi 13T, which complements the Chinese company’s successful line of flagship products with a powerful, versatile and well-crafted gadget. The closing of the rankings for December 2023 is Realme 11 Proan excellent alternative for those on a tight budget but still looking for a complete, long-lasting product.

In short, the ranking does not only take into account smartphones released in recent weeks, although from time to time we try to refer to the latest possible period to ensure that the selected phones still have long life cycle ahead of you.

And finally, for those who aren’t afraid to explore other models from the past few months or move above and below the mid-range, here’s our full list of all the phones we’ve liked over the past 12 months, with more rankings updated monthly : from the , which is dedicated to high-end smartphones, up to the top 5 best smartphones under 300 euros. Those looking for phone gadgets can instead point to the best power banks and best smartphone accessories of recent months.

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