Ranking: the best top smartphones (December 2023)


Terms performance hard and clean, slowdowns are not allowed in any area, overheating is not welcome and even bugs need to be kept to a minimum. System updates must be long term, timely and as frequent as possible to keep the device in top condition years after purchase. Wireless and fast charging are taken for granted, as are a high quality display and a resolution capable of displaying content in HDR and updating quickly. Biometric recognition, whether digital or facial, must be instantaneous and error-free.

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Some very specific characteristics remain to distinguish the products that pass this selection. From the user experience guaranteed by the operating system and its interface to product design, through audio playback and photography sector — the most difficult to successfully execute.

The best smartphones of December 2023

Our selection of the best smartphones has been updated to December 2023 and it doesn’t just mark the arrival of today’s latest smartphones – which in this case happen to be the two latest Google devices. On the one hand, new products are added to the ranking that meet the requirements to be defined as high-end smartphones, and which at the same time deserve to be taken into account in comparison to others; on the other hand, the prices of the designs that have been ranked the longest are updated. The position also changes in relation to the ratio of quality and price that changes over timewith an alternation of physiological but different offers and price drops on each individual gadget.

Between the two Pixels introduced in October and available from October 12, we decided to include the more equipped one, i.e. Pixel 8 Probecause between the two it is the most competitive in terms of technical features and user experience, all while maintaining a lower starting price than most of the competition’s flagships.

The rest of the ranking is unchanged compared to previous weeks: the most interesting products in the category – each for their own reasons – have not changed. The iPhone 15 Pro the Apple companies have written off slightly and in some ways continue to play in a league of their own. “veteran” Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra survives in the charts of the month, still unrivaled in terms of versatility and completeness. Compact Asus Zenfone 10 it combines a perfect spec sheet, a top-notch user experience, a more affordable price than average, and exceptional pocketability. Exceptionally Xiaomi 13 Ultra in the end, it remains a product dedicated to a very specific niche, but one that continues to be popular within that niche.

Of course, for those who prefer to spend a little less on their next smartphone, there’s no shortage of alternatives, even at some level. We’ve collected them all in our list of all the phones we liked in 2022 and the ranking of the hottest in the mid-range and under 300 euros. Finally, those looking for phone gadgets can instead focus on the best power banks and best smartphone accessories of recent months.


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